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A penny! A penny for my life!

Why I hate driving/cars/roads/pedestrians, etc:

I am not an angry person. I do not think I have road rage. However, I have several fucking complaints to lodge agaisnt all the asshats that prevent me from getting to and from school in a timely, secure manner.


I can't blame you. I understand it's rush hour, HOWEVER, why is it that once I get past a certain point, all the cars suddenly disappear? Oh yes, it's because everyone is gunning it as an INSANE 15-20 MPH on a road with a limit set at 40. So...basically, the only reason there's traffic is because nobody had a clue to drive. Thanks.

You. Yeah, you, in the effing SUV:

Bite me. You buy this expensive car to drive on fucking LONG ISLAND, which is FLAT and there's no way in hell one would ever need a large car except to be a complete ass and drive even WORSE because you feel safe. I do not feel safe behind your ass, mostly because you have no fucking clue how to drive.

More cars:

That speed limit you see? Is 40! Not 20, not 10, not 30, it's fucking FORTY, so drive at it, there's no one ahead of you, and dammit, you can go over it a bit, I swear! And look, it's the middle lane, there's no reason to drive like you're going to make a turn, get in the right hand lane if you're looking for a particular place to turn...stop it, will you just let me go around...ahhhh! You sped up and then slowed down again when I turned to go around and now I'm forced behind your slow ass.

Also, Mr/Mrs Driver, you see that green light? It means go. No seriously, that's what it means. So...go. NOW! Why aren't you moving...oh my god, I'm going to be crossing it while yellow because you took two minutes to cross a freaking intersection.


Okay, it's not New York City, it's not a real problem, I'm just going to make a left turn on the side street, and hmm, that lady's crossing the road, I guess I'll make it, jeez that guy behind me is getting angry, so let's make the left and...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! You stopped and backed up in the middle of the road to pick up a shiny fucking penny? Are you for real? Bitch, I could have killed you. For a penny? What the hell is your damage? You don't stop in the middle of a road close to a major busy intersection for a penny!

So...I guess you can tell that I just love driving.

Yeah, I'm lying.
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