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Things that make a decompressing Friday/lazy Saturday grand:

1. A new episode of Psych. Especially rewatching it today and loving all over the many, many awesome things about it. Gus married a girl who loves doing crazy ass stuff without planning? Um, y hallo thar super-crazier version of Shawn if he were a girl. *cackles* And OMG Gus in a sweater vest! I died and then returned to the mortal coil to MARVEL at the sight once more!

2. Watching Friday Night Lights. You know, um, I kinda said that I never had Tim Riggins love? Well, last week's episode kind of um, made me fall for him. In an appreciation of an interesting character way.

3. New pictures of Jensen. Standing next to signs for a Chocolate Covered Company. Joke photos with a bottle and an open mouth (ahahaha, I consider my facebook profile picture and laaaaugh). And the manly love of a Heineken mini-keg. (I think those are my favorite pictures of all).

3(a). Laughing at the idiot posts at TwoP's Jensen Ackles thread in the deadly Supernatural forum about how Jensen is either fat or too skinny, or a bit of a prick for showing up to the event and OMG people are crazy.

3(b). Chocolate Covered Jensen.

3(c). How many J2 fics have been written about Jared and Jensen owning a chocolate factory (Jared's DREAM, you guys) and having lots and lots of food-related sex? Of course, only from their personal stash. Wouldn't want to damage the product.

3(d). Jensen Ackles is a horrible horrible person. Or I'm a HORRIBLE PERSON for thinking naughty thoughts. I should think unsexy thoughts. Nope. I'm not getting any. I find even the shot of him with the SHOE (has JARED lost a shoe?) to be hot and um...

3(e). To quote ignited: COCKMOUTH. That is all.

4. On Friday, I will be out getting drunk and doing karaoke with a whole lot of people. I have already laid claim to Sweet Transvestite. As if it is my signature song.

5. I finally accept Flippy Longish Hair Jensen as my personal savoir. Stef can now mock me for the rest of my LIFE. But here is proof of my conversion via amazing picspam.

6. But bearded Jensen Ackles is my one true love. Um. With my thousands of other one true loves. I am a SHAMELESS HUSSY.
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