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Hello! I would like you to convince me not to write the following...

Or, Where I Am Crushed By Plotbunnies and Beg for Clemency.


A Will Turner backstory, dealing with his mother's relationship with Bootstrap Bill.

A short ficlet-sequel to my American Gods/PotC crossover with Wednesday meeting up with Regatti at the gallows.

In fact, someone should just take me aside, very carefully say, "Sweetheart, you are not an expert of 18th century pirate behavior and you cannot write Jack Sparrow for shite, I know, you *want* to, but honestly, that boat...ship, has sailed."

The O.C.

Oh wait, I need to finish my Ryan/Seth and my flashfic. Nevermind.


Go South in the Winter. Tell me, O ye of wonderous friends, that W/R is BAD, that Rogue is not easy to write and that my story idea SUCKS so I don't feel depressed about having to delete 5 pages worth of the story because it's so bad.


Another B/W fic wherein Buffy again goes to a bar (I've now had her meet up with John and Angel in seedy bars, I'm sensing a theme) and smuttiness occurs. I shouldn't want to write this. Stop me.

And I'm working tomorrow. Where I can't write fic. I may be free from the plotbunnies. Evil, evil plotbunnies.
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