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Fic: have your cake (and eat it too) (SPN, Dean/OFC, NC-17)

have your cake (and eat it too)
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual Content, Language
Summary: Dean sure he wouldn’t mind spending a very long fucking time munching out to his heart’s content.
Spoilers: S3
Word Count: 1,670
Author’s Notes: Thanks to ignited for the beta-work. Much love to stephanometra for crafting the ending of this story. Written in celebration of Dean Winchester’s birthday and for cunnilingusfic because yeah, Dean loves going down.
Feedback, much like pie, is always welcome.


Dean’s birthday wish?

He gets asked that by a black-haired piece of heaven, all curly hair tossing off bare shoulders, staring him down with mocking-sweet brown eyes. “So what’s your birthday wish?” she asks as she accepts the Rolling Rock from the bartender.

And Dean tells her. Brushes his lips to her ear and whispers it low. Not too low, because she needs to hear it and yeah, message received: a little gasp of an oh escaping her lips, her cheek touching his before he pulls away.

“So, what do you say, Evie?”

“My roommate’s over at her boyfriend’s tonight,” she tells him and damn, that’s some great news.


Best news would’ve been that she’d love to double-team him, her and her roommate, but Dean’s always believed that a birthday on the weekend—and Thursday is totally the start of the weekend—lasts until Sunday, so it’s fine, getting laid one-on-one. Hey, it’s best to start out slow.

Speaking of, he loves starting out real slow, building it up until everything’s so fucking wild nobody has any idea of who’s screaming the loudest.


Dean loves the after-shudder. That moment when a woman’s breathing rights itself, little hitch goes away and it’s steady and deep. Because he can’t help himself, touches that over-sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue or maybe he’ll nuzzle up against her, careful, and it’s always interesting seeing the reactions, muscles tensing and the shaking, yeah, it’s a fuckin’ sight to see.


The first time he’d ever pressed a girl’s knees apart—and man, Dean’s kinda sure he might’ve been begging for it, “you’re gonna be so sweet, just let me lick you a little, c’mon sweetheart, don’t be shy—”—and tasted pussy, Dean seriously considered how the fuck any guy could call another guy fuckin’ gay for enjoying eating out chicks.

Because fuck.

Dean sure he wouldn’t mind spending a very long fucking time munching out to his heart’s content.


He’s done it before.

Andrea. Nashville, Tennessee.

She’d brushed off his opening line before she’d looked at him, then turned to him, flashing him those bright blue eyes that made him sex-stupid and he couldn’t help grinning wider at her, and taken one look at his mouth.

“You know oral sex is against the law.”

Three nights in her bed (on her kitchen counter, the floor, couch, the floor, bedroom floor, and right, the shower, can’t forget that) and Dean lost count of how many times he broke the law.

Now, that’s an awesome thing to have on his rap sheet.


“Dean, please,” Evie says to him a few minutes in, here and now, wriggling her hips, trying to push her hot cunt closer to his face.

They didn’t even make it to her bedroom. She’s sprawled on the couch, skirt hitched up and shirt pulled down, candy-colored bra barely covering her tits. Thong pulled off minutes ago. Dean’s brushing her open with his thumbs, and he repeats, “Please, huh? Oh, I’m gonna please you. Just let me take a look here. Fuck, don’t know where to start. Maybe you should tell me what you want.”

Another hip shimmy and Dean sucks an open-mouthed kiss on her thigh.

Her hands are on his shoulders and she isn’t moving. Once she gets the idea and shoves his face into her pussy, that’s when he’s gonna start licking like there’s no tomorrow.

And fuck, there’s no tomorrow, so he gives her a little break, kisses his way back up to her, tugging her bra down, sucking on her nipples.

He might’ve had his brain die on him a little when she’d rocked up against his cock the second he bit down on the peak of her nipple.

Shit, it’s gonna be fine, brain kicks back in and he avoid how much he’d love to be buried in her, ‘cause he’d been so goddamn close and he’s just gotta make sure. He runs a hand between their bodies and runs his middle finger down her slit. He’d already memorized most of the where; now it’s all about getting her to say—

“Please, oh god, can you li—” she cuts off the word, bites her bottom lip and lamely says, “Taste?”

He tastes the skin above her breast. “You taste awesome.” Curls his tongue inside her mouth and adds, “I taste any good?”

And when she smacks him on his shoulder, grabbing his head, scratching his head, fuck, fuck, and starts to push him down, Dean’s happy she’s finally gotten the fucking hint.


He’d been with screamers and the ones who came quietly. The ones making gentle whimpers and the ones that said some weird fucking shit when they finally let go.

This one woman had said to him, “Oh god, don’t do that, I’m gonna—” as he was too greedy, licking around her as he had two fingers inside, rubbing up against this spot he’d found out about four girls ago.

Huh, so some of ‘em, when they came, they came hard; this liquid rush that tasted so fucking good and yeah, he needed more and tried getting her to do that again.


“Evie, Evie, Evie,” Dean murmurs after he makes that first contact, quick lick that has her trying to squeeze her legs around his head. “Do you want me to hold you down?”

Her body tenses and she hurriedly says in a rush of courage, “Yes. I’d like you to not stop. Um. That would be—Yes. Yes.”

He holds back the laugh, not at her, but at the way she’s acting. Damn, it’s like he’s doing her the favor. And Dean might like his dick sucked as much as the next guy, but there’s something so much fucking hotter than being right here and taking care to get her all worked up and feel it come flying apart.

She’s not that wet at first but man, it doesn’t take much. Sure, he might be eager to start playing with her clit, but there’s a fuck lot more to do. Starts with his tongue around the outside of her folds and sneaks his way in until he’s close enough that he can push his tongue inside. Once Dean does that she’s moaning his name, loves it, stretching out his name with these crazy drawn out vowels.

It’s okay though. There’s no way she’s gonna wear it out.

She might cause some damage to the back of skull though; the way she’s clawing at him ain’t nice. But he’ll take care of that later. Maybe hold her hands over her head when he fucks her.

Hell, if he didn’t have to spread her open right now, he might stop her from grabbing him but the pain helps him stay sharp. Keeps her from pushing his mouth towards her clit and oh no, not till she’s begging for it, he’s got a lot more exploring to do.

Proper way to go about things, that it’s all about exploring and waiting too. Waiting until there’s that fearful little sob and Evie’s wet and pulsing against him. But she’s not close yet and it’s killing her.

Thing is, he can be kind of a total fucking bastard when he wants to. She tries pushing up again and he stills her, not caring that he might just leave some faint finger-shaped bruises on the insides of her thighs.

She doesn’t seem to mind it much, hell, she’s almost fighting against him and when Evie finally spits out, “My clit, please you have to—”

Oh, Dean doesn’t hesitate. Draws that little clit out and flicks his tongue against it, gentle at first, little taste and touch goes a long, long way and fuck, he’s gonna have to get his dick out real soon. Seals his mouth over her and starts amping it up and damn, he wishes he could tell her how it’s driving him crazy, but she’ll know that soon enough.

She nearly shoves his face out of her pussy when she comes, clenching up at nothing, his tongue sadly not pressed deep inside her, which is so not fucking fair.

He makes up for it by licking her as she settles and nearly stills. He can let go of her thighs now and she stays limp, has her hands over her rucked-up skirt.

Dean rubs over her drenched curls, mindful not to go too far down, don’t want her to fucking clamp his hand between her legs or anything and he licks his lips, her taste still musky-strong in his mouth.

Evie doesn’t look like she’s gonna make a move in the next year or so but then she has her right hand over his and then past, fingertips rubbing just the outside of her pussy.

Damn if Dean can’t keep from staring at the sight of her cotton-candy nails wet and shining. Then she traces a thigh and Dean flinches a little, knows she’s following the path of promised bruises, the marks still just red but there’ll be darker come the morning. But when he steals a glance at her face, damn if she isn’t fucking smiling.

He can’t keep from groaning and it takes a lot more in him than he ever thought he had to keep from unzipping his jeans and jerking off at sight of her. Evie’s got her left hand pressing all gentle on the outside of her cunt and with her right hand, she’s scratching into the marks he left on her thighs.

“Fuck. You don’t mind—” Great, now it’s Dean’s turn to stammer like he’s never said a dirty word in his goddamn life. “This is my best birthday ever.”

“Oh,” she says, smiling at Dean, tracing his mouth with her shining fingers, “it’s not over yet.”

“Yeah,” Dean agrees, biting the pad of her index finger. “My birthday’s gonna last this whole weekend. You up for it?”

Dean takes the tongue shoved in his mouth as an enthusiastic yes.

Tags: dean/ofc, fic, spn fic
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