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organization? what's that?

You know what I just LOVE doing? Coding a master list of all the fic I've written and posted on lj. Oh my GOD. I forget that I've been on lj since 2003. And that drabbles make it look like I've posted a shitload of BtVS/AtS fic.

I completely forgot I wrote like a little drabble about Nina-the-werewolf. Good times.

I also did not remember how many Farscape stories I've actually written. And oh, hai, Frail Edges was posted on my old blog. Which means I don't actually have a real copy saved online except on Leviathan. That story, man. I remember the story not out of fondness for the story itself. Having one of my favorite Farscape writers comment on the story sent me into a happy dance of idiocy. It was a nice little "omg! Maybe I don't suck!" moment.

As much as livejournal can be a pain in the ass and the corporate owners may be total fuckwits, I am always so freakin' glad about livejournal. Because posting fic to boards sucks. I like that it's kind of my own personal space here and that I can have all my stories in one place and not posted all over. Crossposting is a thing of beauty. "No, come to my journal and read my fic. It's worth it, I totally have rotating pictures of guys being hot and dorky and SUPERHOT."

I used to post directly on fic communities but it's like, I totally forget where I've posted what. Like, I know my first couple of Doctor Who fics were posted on time_and_chips and on my journal and that's kind of counter-productive. No, tis better to keep all my ducks in a row.

Like, I never bothered tagging anything but then I realized that hey, tags were kind of awesome in separating fics out by pairing so that if some random reader was in a mood for Dean getting it on with women, they have many fics to choose from. And I totally don't ever reread my stuff. Like, I don't ever reread my crack stories and wonder what drugs I was taking when I was writing.

(Current answer? Arby's Jamocha shake. Have one of those instead of dinner=me posting crackish porn.)

I am growing increasingly amused by my titles although my most ridiculous are really used in Supernatural fandom. You guys? If I ever post a story called "Oral is Moral" please stop me. It's a hilarious name for my lj. It should not also be a title for a fic.

(*cracks up at a boy and his dildo* Oh, my weird gen story about Sam finding out that a dildo has been made in the shape of Dean's dick! Awesome.)

I am not doing a wordcount for each BtVs/AtS story I posted. Because I didn't do wordcount back then and OH M GOD. So many words. I am lazy. Nor am I bothering with doing that for my HP fic. And um, I may need to mark up the times where my Remus/Sirius stories have Remus accidentally sleeping with a woman after getting very, very drunk. You think it wouldn't happen so much. But now I see a pattern of writing slash wherein there is accidental het. I can't help my nature, I guess. (But Sirius was always bi as I wrote him even though Remus wavered between GAYGAYGAY and GAYBUTMAYBEGIRLSMOSTLYSIRIUSGAY.)

That's probably why I've never really taken the time to write the sequel to Ben Has Two Dads Uncles. Not only is there het as Ben's whole storyline will be him falling in love for the first time (with a girl, *gasp*), but there's implied het with Dean and Sam having a sort of open relationship. (I have trouble writing Dean as only having sex with Sam. I know. I am a loser.) While I wouldn't write any Dean/OFC het, I do want to write Ben/OFC stuff (probably a bit more fade to black than I usually like, um, DAMN I have written a lot of SPN porn), and I'm sure that would turn off readers.

At the same time, if I ever do complete that goddamn sequel, I may just post it and not crosspost it elsewhere. Because I love seeing the story in the final layout, all pretty and shiny and if I can convince Stef, there will be pictures as well. I've been wanting to elevate a story to the next level, to make it really mixed media and not just use fic and manips and a soundtrack/songs, but to attempt to use lj voiceposts of Ben leaving voicemail messages to his mom and that is INSANE. First all, because I don't have a 15/16 year old boy that I could record speaking as "Ben." And second of all, because that is insane. Inserted podcasts into a fic. *facedesk*

Next thing I'll do is post a youtube video of interpretive dancing and make everyone guess the fic.

I'm so kidding about that.


Gah. Back to coding.
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