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If I go into a Farscape marathon mode I may purposely miss Thursday's brand new episode of Supernatural so to save me from myself I need recs.

Or at least, I need self-pimping. If there's a story of yours that I have not commented on, please tell me to read it. I am in a crazy mood for J2 but you know, SPN fic always make me happy. (Especially if it is Dean het. What? Sometimes I am EASY to please). SPN fic where Dean tops will make my current health aches disappear.

Well, it might not do exactly that but it'll bring me JOY.

ALSO! Because nobody's taking my AU request and running with it, I am again posting this:

In "how to make me feel better" news, this may just be the pills talking, but if SOMEONE (or everyone) wrote a J2 AU where Jared and Jensen were elite figure skaters who were constantly pitted against each other and didn't really like each other even though they didn't know each other all that well and Jared was a crazy flamboyant one who EVERYONE loved and wore weirdass costumes and dressed off the ice with huge glasses and ridiculous fur-trimmed coats and was super-talented but let his emotions get to him and everyone believed that he's going to be one of the greats AND Jensen was the serious, naturally gifted, intese skater who people didn't know well off the ice and everyone just assumes he's kind of jerkish and he gives blah interviews and seems douchey when being civil even though he really means it AND then they come to an understanding (that they are very hot and kind of really like each other) and then have very flexible sex...

I may have harbored some crazy fantasies watching Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir skate tonight. Er.

My birthday's on February 16th. THIS WOULD BE AN AWESOME PRESENT.

Kindly offer up your stories so that I may read and read and READ. Don't make me start writing meta on Dean Winchester being the new John Crichton. I could do that for HOURS and no one would want to read it because it would be extremely emotional and have "Oh John!" and "Oh Dean!" throughout the meta.
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