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fic: there's always awkward in the banana stand (SPN/Arrested Development AU, Dean/Sam, PG-13)

Oh man. So memphis86 requested some SPN Arrested Development fic and er, I wrote this originally in her lj here but why not add it to my list of weird, weird crossover things I've written?

So, ahem. Initial foray into mixing two very awesome shows. (ETA: 200 words)

"Dude, let's go corn-holing. I'm starving." Dean claps Sam on the back, accidentally dislodging a copy of a Les Cousins Dangeriux fanfic that Sam had just printed off of the Winchester family computer.

"Um, yeah, that would be great," Sam says.

Dean fist pumps in Sam's face--like he always does--then leans in close enough that Sam knows that Dean just ate some frozen bananas and hey, did he steal from the banana stand again?

"There's nobody else I'd want to go corn-holing with. Come on, man."

When Dean tries to drag Sam to the kitchen, Sam promptly sits down (and breaks) the model home couch. Turning over the NC-17 fanfic so Dean doesn't see the first sentence (Oh my beloved cousin, wrap your arms around me and ravish me until I swoon) and covering up his lap, Sam says, "Um. Yeah. I just need to sit here for a couple of minutes. I'm getting too excited. Bad for my blood pressure."

"You're sixteen, Sam."

"Never bad to start taking care of the heart as soon as you can. Ha ha ha," Sam says, laughing nervously, ignoring that Dean staring at him is kind of making his "blood pressure" to continue to rise.

Why can I so easily see Sam Winchester being George Michael? This makes my secret crush on George Michael all the more AWKWARD.
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