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I was a taller girl too, once.

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dear computer, don't ever do that again, love reg

There's this show on tonight? About stuff?

No, it's not Lost. I gave up Lost because it wasn't my thing.

Hmm. Some show about these two guys and an Impala. Think it's called Supernatural. Yeah, that's what I'll watch.

(Oh friends list I LOVE that you guys are spazzing with joy! I LOVE YOU ALL. now no one freak out tomorrow about the bad ratings because you know SPN is gonna get killed by Lost



While I was trying to write this entry I just found out Johnny (my 12 year old sister) was my own personal sock thief. All the socks I specificially purchased because they couldn't be confused for anyone else's, these ankle socks that are nice and cozy, well, she had them all because she likse them. EVIL.

And then while trying to rectify this matter, I lost some socks in the battle and was told to just go out and buy more. Argh.

I am very particular about my socks.

ALSO? My internet explorer (yeah, yeah, I know, firefox is the shit, I am slow to learn computer-type things and IE's basic functions are all I need) wasn't working last night and now it finally is. That was really odd. Hmm.

Now it is time to crack up some rock music and wait for 9pm.
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