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Fic Roundup: January Edition

In January, despite some writing fears, somehow there was fic.

while his hands are busy
SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,731 words
Summary: Don't ask Dean how they got here, that’s not the interesting part. No, what’s a hell of a lot more interesting is the way he's got his own body shoved up against a wall that's one good shove away from tumbling over.

-- So I says to Mabel ignited I says, "I'm going to write you some bodyswap porn." What I learned is that a bodyswapped Dean remains as dirty-minded as ever and totally has a thing for his own body. HMMM. I wonder why?

don't bet on the matador
SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,615 words
Summary: So here’s Dean getting shoved against a dresser that never saw a good day since the poor bastard put it together with rusty nails and a prayer, his boxers shoved down, and goddamn, Sam’s breathing down his neck.

-- I now wonder if this story would have had a better reception if I hadn't done wonky timeline stuff in it (it's told out of order on purpose and not because sometimes I am really obnoxious, man!). Or if I had gone with the original title bulls rush in. But as Stef noted, that sounds like Fools Rush In whih makes her think of the Matthew Perry/Salma Hayek movie and um, it reminds me of the same thing too. *sigh* No one ever reads my stuff when Sam gets to top. :-P

lying with his eyes
SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,035 words
Summary: Yes, Sam’s body is still singing with Dean’s essence, bleeding through and Sam would like to make light of this, no he would love that. Post-bodyswap, Sam struggles to reclaim his identity.

-- I had another (post) bodyswap story in me! I might write another in this series to cap it off with a nice trilogy as I'm fond of threes. Man, I struggled with Sam's POV yet again. *sigh*

have your cake (and eat it too)
SPN, Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,670 words
Summary: Dean sure he wouldn’t mind spending a very long fucking time munching out to his heart’s content.

-- Okay, I love everyone who read this story and gah, do I owe responses, yes I DO. I really am lucky that stephanometra and ignited suffered me as I attempted to post this a couple of hours past Dean's birthday. Still! The story's done and it's wonderfully explicit and oral. Two of my favorite things. cunnilingusfic is also a beautiful thing.

there's always awkward in the banana stand
SPN/Arrested Development AU, Dean/Sam, PG-13, 200 words

-- Um. We'll see what happens with this little piece of cracktastic wrongness. But you see! When friends ask for crack, sometimes I'm crazy enough to comply and memphis86 made an awesome suggestion. Now to carry it on to its logical path where it turns out Dean was switched at birth and isn't Sam's cousin. No. He's his brother (*gasp*)
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