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in which I'm kind of fucking delicious

OH MY GOODNESS. Everyone. With the birthday wishes and the awesome and I have a lot of commenting to do. But first let me tell EVERYONE thank you. I did have a good and geeky birthday and decided since last night, a Cosmo made me super-sleepy to skip drinking and embrace being mature and responsible, there was no drunken debauchery. Save that for another fangirl meet-up event, yeah?

Oooh, and rejeneration as it is our co-birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY fellow Aquarius-type person of awesomeness. One day I'll be as cool as you are, right? ;-)

I was a night-born baby--born at 11:39pm--so I'm convinced that I'm not really 25 until that happens in a very short amount of time. Ack.

Then I become, according to an asshat coworker, Christmas Cake. Unmarried Christmas Cake. But I'm kind of fucking delicious. And sparkly. Oh, yes, I SPARKLE. Perhaps due to always going for sparkly makeup. Perhaps.

Speaking of things that are SPARKLY, ignted made me a Happy Birthday Picspam including a few of my Favorite Winchester Things. Stef knows me all too well and OH THE PICS. You must look and admire them. And attempt to post if you can do so after having stars in your eyes from all the PRETTY and the mindblowingly HOT.

The first image made me make a very loud NOISE and I am glad no one else could hear it.

And now, it is minutes away from my time of birth, 25 years ago. I am wearing my Metallicar shirt like the giant geek that I am. I spent a day in the city with my mom and sister Johnny, going to the Museum of Natural History where I finally got to see a show at the Hayden Planetarium (as I've never been), and had dinner with my lovely ignited and the always fabulous raelala at Isle. Oh Thai food, why are you so fucking DELICIOUS? My tongue is burnt from a Dunkin Donut's Milky Way Hot Chocolate and I do not mind at all. It was like chocolate caramel cake in molten liquid form.

I had a very good birthday. And maybe one day soon I'll finally grow up. Not likely but the thought still counts.
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