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Man, how much do I love free days off? Happy President's Day. I get to dress all casual and sleep in late. Not necessarily in that order.

To celebrate, I shall do laundry, pay bills, AND start packing for Puerto Rico. Yes, I'm leaving on Saturday and while it seems to be early to start packing, this is how my family operates.

It's been fun so far. I've done no research at all for my trip as I am beholden to my Great Aunt and Great Uncle as far as what we're doing in Puerto Rico. I'm just campaigning for a day in San Juan. That's all I ask.

Four pairs of shoes for a five day trip isn't excessive, right? I'll need sneakers, a pair of ballet flats (a good pair with a bit of a real heel on it so it won't hurt to do massive amounts of walking), a pair of sandals (which is kind of ZOMG for me as I don't...do open-toed shoes of any sort), and my heels. Ahem. My three and a half inch heels. As one does. What? That's totally necessary. I don't want to look short or anything.

At least I'm not as bad as my mother. Who constantly asks me if she can bring liquid stuff onboard the plane. And doesn't listen when I say, "Only if it fits into a quart-size ziploc bag, Mom."

Mom: "But what about a bottle of water? Unopened?"
Me: *sputters* "No. Not unless you buy it after we go through security."

Gyah. I kind of have to pay attention to all the stupid airport rules as it's a part of my job, booking trips, so I don't know why my parents ask me questions and then doubt my answers as if I'm just fucking with them.

"Is it important that [my Sister K] has the right spelling on her boarding ticket?"
Me: "Um, it's better to get that resolved now as she has an unusual spelling."

I've been telling them that for two weeks and only two days ago did they finally get my sister's ticket fixed. Man. I mean, it might NOT be a problem but it's one of those things that can be corrected prior to checking in and I'd rather a smooth-as-possible check-in, you know?

Meh. Back to the exciting world of laundry.
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