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Fic Rec: it's like guy love only with all the superhot sex

*bounces in*

Hiiiiiiii. I had a Jamocha shake today and like, not much else and I am still tripping on the rush of sugar and caffeine. It's really super awesome.

TODAY is a great day, despite like usual travel-related panic and the fact that I didn't go into work (I lose at life) and the reason WHY today is GOOD is because of my ignited, the light of my life, the Sam to my Dean, my better half, and like a very shiny person INDEED has posted it.

The story. The one that has made me crazy with need, the need of seeing it posted in all its glory.

I've never had a greater pleasure of beta-ing a story as I have this one. And you know, it's really, really fucking excellent. Compelling and really works with the plot of the movie Stef picked out for the abouttwoboys challenge--Dating the Enemy--and it's just CLEVER.

And it's J2. Where the boys live in New York. So you know. That rocks as well.

*claps hands* And it's BODYSWAP. Whee!

All That's Left to Chart
--Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 36,000 words (it's EPIC), AU
--Summary: Jared is a hot shot MTV VJ, easygoing and affable. Jensen is a brilliant science journalist, geeky and introverted. They’re a perfect case of opposites attracting, but when they’re unable to compromise and save their relationship, the natural forces of the universe decide to intervene. They wake up in each other’s bodies in order to get a taste of their very different lives—if they don’t drive each other crazy first.

They are in such big gay love. It's either been ten years or since early January that Stef's been working on this, which means I have been talking to her about this story for that same period and it makes my heart fill with something. Let's call it, oh, happiness.

And since Stef has to show off that not only can she write but she like has major (possibly magical) graphic powers, she also posted a Art and Soundtrack post. Go see the boys in their AU world where Jensen is so awesomely gay and SMART and Jared is like, JARED only like he has a massive ego and is like adfojifuohdkofgioj so HOT. Yeah. I can't be coherent about this hotassery.

The soundtrack's amazing and Stef made me listen to Rhianna for the first time EVER and I might have insisted on some of the songs on the list there (heh, guess which ones!), but they're all so fitting for the story. Yes, even Umbrella. (Jared's ringtone AND his secret drunken karaoke song. Amazingly true.)

Do yourself a favor and read this story.

In the name of J2. ;-)
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