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*goes to skip-200*

Hiiiiiii LJ! I still have to like, catch up on the goings-on of everyone as I was away in Puerto Rico and well, I have 400 photos to sort through. It was a very um interesting vacation. Note to self: never ever trust your parents that things will be arranged and set up ahead of time. Always prepare your own goddamn itinerary.

I'm extremely fortunate that I got to go to Puerto Rico, like extremely, so I will not bitch about the kind of sucktastic things that happened. Like me stepping on a dead sea urchin. Mostly as that's just a sign that the beach and I are not friends.

More important is you guys! How the hell are you all? Let me know what's happened since last week. Have there been any orgies while I've been away? Any good (or bad!) news? Are you okay? Would you like a hug? I can give Jared-type hugs, I swear.

Is there fic to read? Posts to giggle over? I need to be updated. Clearly I am not at work today, so like, comment and I will, for once, respond in a timely fashion!

Hiiiii again. *glomps*
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