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First stop, livejournal....

Next, world domination!

[Insert evil laughter and cue lightning/thunder]

Well, I'm so happy that the wonderful indiefic brought me to the shiny way of the ljers.

1 .My name, obviously, is not Regala Electra. But dammit, I’m grown quite fond of the screen-name. You may call me Reg.
2. I’m soon to be twenty years, live close to New York City, and in college.
3. I’m an Irish-English-Puerto Rican. You read that right. I’m half Puerto Rican, half Irish-English.
4. I am the whitest Hispanic ever.
5. And...I have red hair and blue eyes.
6. No really, I am a Latina.
7. Sì, soy una puertorriqueña.
8. I've never been to Puerto Rico, but that's the next place I'd love to go. I've been to Spain and France, which were both amazing in different ways.
9. I’m a writer.
10. I love to read, write, and have written a bit of (decent) fanfic.
11. Becoming a writer/novelist is my ultimate goal.
12. I’m an English major, but I may do a double major in Art History or Anthropology.
13. I’ll probably end up working some miserable, boring job like in Office Space. Well, maybe not, but I'm kind of lazy and should get my act together when it comes to getting a job, my current one sucks.
14. My favorite book is The Prophetess by Barbara Woods, followed closely by American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
15. My musical goddess is Billie Holiday. I just love her songs to pieces.
16. I believe there’s no good excuse for “young people” aka people of my generation not to have knowledge of music dating back to at least the ‘20s, Roaring that is. So the young "Gen Y" punk rock bands who don’t know who The Ramones are, or who have no idea of the punk movements in the ‘70s should shut the hell up.
17. Shakespeare’s is amazing. He’s done everything. My favorite play by him is Hamlet. No contest.
18. My first fandom experience was/is BtVS/AtS. And I’m a Buffy/Angel lover but I also have a fondness for Wesley/Lilah.
19. Farscape. I’ve actually been good by not starting off this little list with “FARSCAPE ROCKS!” Well it does. Watch it, dammit, it’s an amazing show. I ship John/Aeryn mostly, but I love just about everyone on that show: heroes, non-heroes, and villains.
20. I wish that I could write a decent John Crichton for he is my favorite TV character ever.
21. I still have a soft spot for B/A and most of my favorite BtVS episodes are B/A centered. cough*Amends*cough
22. I lied. I actually found out about fanfic through Farscape, but I started lurking/posting/becoming involved in the BtVS/AtS fandoms.
23. I spend way too much time at www.televisionwithoutpity.com
24. I have several fics I should be writing right now instead of making up a boring list all about me.
25. I consider myself a pessimistic optimist, a naïve bitter woman who’s seen it all, a terrible speller, a spaz, a dreamer, a dancer, a hopeless romantic, someone who doesn’t like to share, someone who needs to speak more, someone who tends to listen, kind of nice, too passive, sarcastic smart ass, evil genius, and the mischievous bitch goddess.

And I have more to say, miles to go, but I can say it later.
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