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even jensen thinks dean sells it like there's a FIRE (omg!) sale

Heh, Jensen's latest interview continues to crack me up.

Hooker!Dean, y'all.

Although learning that Jensen Ackles is aware of that whole wank with the crazy chick who said she was married to him, well, that's just not cool. It also seems that he has an idea of fans being "protective" of him online which makes me curious if he's heard about the kitten juggling joke that surfaced on Television Without Pity (ah, that was in '06, yeah? Just right after I'd found myself "joining" SPN fandom by glomming onto any online source and doing lots and lots of reading). I don't want to know if he is aware, it's just odd how sometimes the online fannish world is sometimes a lot closer to that whole "real" world.

It's still so weird to know that some of the weirdass online stuff actually works its way to the actors.

Now I go back to working on porn that gets worse every time I poke at it.
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