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but I won't eat a whole thing of jellybeans, I swear

causeways I got your card today! That was an insanely awesome surprise to find in my mailbox and so cracked me up. I could ramble how touched I am and everything but if I get too smurfy-smooshy, people won't find me as sexy. It's like when Michael finally cried on Arrested Development. Only I can't console myself by eating a whole thing of jellybeans.

(That much sugar could kill me A LOT.)

Question: why do St. Patrick's Day decorations DISAPPEAR when you need them nao? Ugh, all I need is festive napkins and wee dessert plates and I can't find any at my local party supply stores. Fuckers.

I've been feeling like my fannish content is way too low on my lj. I swear, this will be rectified. A lot of the personal real life stuff has been teetering off and it's almost like I've got stability, or at least some foolish hope that I'm close to regaining some necessary calm among the hustle and bustle of the daily doldrums.

In short, I really need to post some fucking fic before I get completely waylaid by working on the Big Bang fic.

My headphones are dying. I'm way too hard on my headphones, man. I just hope it lasts for another couple of weeks as I'm lazy and I now want to save up for a better-than-decent set that's all fancy. For I sadly can't wear earbuds as my ears are apparently DO NOT WANT to have earbuds wedged up in there.
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