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Doctor Who: Partners in Crime

You guys, it feels like FOREVER that I have posted about Doctor Who. Wow.

I don't know if absence makes the heart grow fonder or if I have finally been able to block out the sucktastic crapitude of Last of the Time Lords (yes, yes, denial does work and the further you smash down your anger at a potentially AWESOME finale being wasted with Dobby the Doctor turning into sparkly Tinkerbell Doctor...clap your hands if you believe!...oh it's time to smash down the bitter deep in mah belly).

So! Partners in Crime. I really rather enjoyed it. But then I really liked The Runaway Bride even though I was a bit :-/ after seeing some of Catherine Tate's work off of youtube prior to watching her on Doctor Who. Donna was a great character with really interesting flaws and rightfully put the Doctor in his place.

(Okay, I am one of those people who does believe that sometimes Ten does need to be smacked. Right across the face. Hard.

Hey it's the only way he's going to learn. Jackie can't travel across the multiverse for a righteous smacking as apparently that's a Very Bad Thing.

More on that later.)

Let me just say how relieved and HAPPY I was that Ten acknowledged his absolutely dickish treatment of Martha. Ya rly, Martha was AWESOMESAUCE and you totally blew it. You, as GOB would always never say, made a huge mistake.

Donna's mother being a harpy threw me off but I totally rewatched The Runaway Bride (along with the first three episodes of S3 as my sister Johnny hasn't seen them and I am marathoning them with her to get her on track to watch S4 "live") and yeah, she's not a particularly pleasant woman in that one either.

I like that Donna was Doing Stuff on her own although I was a trifle miffed that it was only to run into the path of the Doctor. I mean, I thought the missing of each other was kinda neat and I kind of got invested in it which surprised me as I should be more jaded but I really liked that Donna really was quite active. Her breaking down the door in that poor woman's house kind of rocked.

Because I have been not as fannish about DW, I hadn't seen any promos or anything so the whole mate/I don't want to MATE with you conversation was new to me and fucking hilarious. I really, really sincerely HOPE that there's no more goddamn UST going on. It made me sad to see Martha angsting over the Doctor as he DICKED her around and stuck her in the past on two different occasions, one time to pretend to be a serving girl and ANOTHER time to support his lazy ass while they recorded messages to the awesome Sally Sparrow.

(I am looking forward to rewatching Blink, truefax.)

And then there's what Martha went through for a YEAR while the Master took over the Earth but I won't get into that. No reason to make my blood boil.

*crosses fingers* Boundaries between the Doctor and Donna hopefully set, I loved how happy she was and that she packed (wise woman) for any occasion or weather. "No weather." Heh.

The plot was good and a nice recall of the first adventure Donna had with the Doctor. The first time, he showed no mercy and this time, he does. And those little CGIed fatty globs were so weirdly entertaining to watch. Totally gross (especially their "births" out of peoples bodies UGH) but kinda cute too. Dammit, Doctor Who, stop doing that.

There was a lot of *heart* and enthusiasm in this episode, which I didn't realize I missed until I turned on the episode. Even with the altered theme song, there was a fluttering moment of YAY, Doctor Who is on!

I missed that very much.

Donna is free to smack Ten any time he gets out of line though.

UM. I'm going to try not to post about...that cameo at the end because I may very well spazz a lot. hi Rose! I hope you have had lots of SEX with lots of hot guys and moved on while still caring deeply for the Doctor as is the healthy reaction and did I mention I really hope you've had lots of awesome sex? BUT. Here are a few things:

- Rose's theme music WINS over everyone else's. This is true and I will not hear any arguing against it.

- Rose's mascara is FUCKING fabulous. I may have said, "OH GOD. I missed your mascara!" to my computer. She is my mascara mate. (I don't want to MATE with her, I just want to be mascara-mates with her.)

- The expression on her face was ominous. o_0

- OH SHIT. It's really not a good thing to cross over parallel worlds. Crrrrrrrrrrap.

And that's all I got for now.
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