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he wants all the fail to belong to him

I like a low-cut top. I'm not gonna lie. One of the few awesome prizes I pulled in the genetic lottery was that I have a decent rack. Because of it, really my options for clothes are: extremely frumpy to cover my chest or tits-a-blazing.

I tend to go for the latter option.

However in no fucking way I am "inviting" anyone, male or female, to come over and touch my breasts. No random fucker is going to walk up to me and ask me if he (and in most cases it is a "he") can touch my body and then OFFER me a choice to go around with a fucking SIGN declaring to the masses that I am a prude and I don't want to be touched and ooh, I must just be showing off without offering it up and THANKS for the Madonna/Whore complex, that's pretty damn original.

People I know and like have touched my boobs on occasion. It happens. Sometimes it's welcomed. But it's consensual and there's no pressure of me allowing that because "everyone else is doing it" or by doing it I'm sharing in some fucking collective of warm squishy LURVE by showing off that anyone can come over and grope me without me having any kind of relationship with that person at all.

TMI-land but I often don't have great sensation in my boobs. I'm prone to rounding a corner too sharp and knocking my boob into the wall. It's kind of amazingly clumsy. But someone fucking stroking/groping me would be noticed and you know what? I don't have to TELL someone no. You don't get to ask me if we're in a public gathering that is supposed to be a safe space where I don't have to deal with my own sexual hangups. (In that I am not a prude but I'm extremely standoffish and fuck you buddy for thinking I'd WANT your grimy hands on my tits. Jensen Ackles would even have to ask and I'd probably make him buy me a drink first. And only if I got to grope his ass afterwards.)

So...I can't even talk about this in a logical manner because I get very angry and flustered. I'm a tall, bitchy woman who likes to wear big ass heels. Kicking may happen.

The Open Boob Source can, in the words of Dick Cheney, go fuck itself.

If you're looking for smarter responses to that insane fucking idiocy springheel_jack's post is a good start and misia's Modest Proposal has me considering getting out my three-and-a-half inch kickass boots.

Man, I am really glad the ONLY cons I have been to are writercon and winchestercon.

You know unless I'm really comfortable with people, I don't even like HUGGING people. I have a lot of hangups with regard to touching because I've always been one of the tallest people in the room and just it's really WEIRD for me. jennem used to pounce on me to make me hug her back. I just...are you fucking kidding me?

Guys want to touch titties. Guys decide to create a "project" to make women feel that if they don't "join in" they are missing out on a fannish/con experience. I SENT OUT A FAIL FEDEX TO EVERYONE, delivery signature not required.

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