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Supernatural: Ghostfacers (3x13)

I feel like I haven't written a proper review in ages.

This will not be one of those fucking times.


- FUCK. If I didn't already have an awesome middle name, it would be some variation of fuck. I love the word. I say it a lot. I write Dean POV where he thinks and says it a lot. Dean fucking curses like a goddamn sailor on a motherfucking bender and FUCK ME.


DEAN SAID "FUCK ME." OKAY. Let's throw down. I HAVE NO ISSUE ABOUT THAT. *writes ten million smut stories UNTIL THE END OF TIME*

Sam cursing is hot as well but Dean cursing is like HAI REG. HERE IS YOUR KINK. LET US GIVE IT TO YOU HARD BABY.

- Outside POV done well. Where Roadkill failed like a failing fail thing. We knew these guys. We cared (or didn't) about them. I liked them LOTS and look, I love weird episodes. Half of my favorite Farscape episodes are the weird ones. For the record I hated Storyteller on BtVS but that was because...I didn't like S7. HOWEVER? This was good. Wee puppet man good.

--> meet me in camera 3 aside:
True fact: at last year's winchestercon, some of us went out to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which was performed by the incredibly Sins of the Flesh RHPS cast. They're amazing) on Saturday. There was this one guy, strangely familiar, standing on the stage when audience members were brought onstage because it was their birthdays. I was made of FAIL for not placing him straight away but several fangirls totally figured it out: it was the actor who played Spengler.

SO. That's kind of awesome.

<-- end of aside

- I am SO BUMMED ABOUT CORBETT. But he got to be a hero. <3 I am sorry you crushed on a lamer (ghostfacer lamer) who didn't give you the loving you needed while alive. Be in a better place, baby.


I'm sorry, don't even analyze that. Not to me. I BASK IN GLORY.

Because essentially Kripke just "joked" that only gay love can save the day. Only...gay love did save the day. So? LET US ALL GET OUT OUR PARTY HATS. CAKE IS ON ME.

- "...to play." Ewwwwww. WORD.

- "SAMMY!" - DEAN not wanting to broadcast Sam and Dean's "moment" after they reunite. Wow.

- "Those assholes from Texas."

- The first shot of the Impala when the Ghostfacers were breaking into the house. I let out a happymaking noise and/or screech.

- Things that my mindtwin ignited said.

- Today is apparently Kripke's birthday? o_0 Dude. You're kind of weird. I fucking love it.

- Dean being awesome at his job gets me hot. As does his cursing. I cannot even fucking stop saying how much it made me HAPPY.

- This is one I will totally rewatch. YEAH I'm weird too.



There. My very coherent and thoughtful review is done.
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