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Fic: spun sugar, for TVM's schoomp fest (SPN, Sam/Dean, PG, drabble)

I shouldn't be allowed to have a red pen. Because when I start handwriting notes on the Big Bang story that needs to end OH MY GOD I can't reread them and oh god. So many things to switch around. Me and ignited did hit 20K but there's still so much to write. I mean. It'll get done. It kind of has to be done. But I am so freaking picky. (There is a reason why only Stef can handle cowriting with it.)

Blah. There will be a month of rewriting. And oh, how it will be desperately needed.

spun sugar (a cotton candy drabble)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 399
Author's Notes: Written for girlmostlikely's The Accidental Schmoop Meme and originally posted here.


Give a man cotton candy and Sam can't be held accountable for his actions when the man in question is Dean. There's sugar at the edge of Dean's mouth and Sam can't help stare. Because he wants to remove it for um, reasonable reasons, honest. It's a perfectly reasonable desire.

The whole wanting to lick it off Dean's face is another matter entirely.

Sam doesn't make a move, instead he stumbles, says, "You've got some-"

"Hey, corn husking competition," Dean says, pointing over to a roped off section, hay barrels plunked down as makeshift seating, baskets of ripe corn at the ready. "Do you think we missed out on the jugglers?"


Dean waves in the general direction towards the end of the Midway. "There's supposed to be jugglers. Some of 'em throw knives. We could totally kick ass at that."

"Juggling?" But all Sam's thinking about is Dean's mouth and it isn't helping when Dean sucks the tips of his fingers, one at a time, tasting errant sticky leftovers of cotton candy (it had been blue which makes it much more manly).

"Nah, we'd rock a shooting game. I'll win you a big stuffed teddy bear. Big enough so you'll always have someone in your bed. Seen you cuddling your pillow at night."

"Hilarious. But what if I win you one that's even bigger?"

No answer. Dean stares at Sam for too long a time, a full body scan, and then he licks his lips, tongue pushing out at the corner of his mouth to get at the little sugar crystals still sticking there.

"Ferris wheel," he finally says, cocking his head in the direction of the flashing lights of the wheel. "We should do that."

"Why would I want to go, Dean?" They'll be too close up there. Too close and Sam will hesitate again, will ignore what's been building because he doesn't know how to make it happen and sustain it.

Fortunately Sam's been given a Dean and Dean's more than willing to resolve the problem.

"Dude, we can totally make out. I'll let you go to the second and everything. So long as you win me an awesome stuffed shark."

Dean's mouth isn't as sweet as Sam expects but Dean's hand under Sam's jeans, that's another story. Sam's never been as happy to get stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel for twenty minutes.

Tags: drabble, fic, spn fic, wincest
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