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I was a taller girl too, once.

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a kiss is not a contract

True fact: ignited has blown our budget on our Big Bang fic. We now have special effects. o_0

32,000 words.

OH GOD. Save us. I have to write porn tonight and then we'll be done-ish with the first draft. And the summary I im'ed Stef can NEVER be used as I think it would like offend people. But it's totally true.

(Um, everyone knows what we're writing, right? It's SERIOUS crack. As in crack that is serious. Genderswap. Wincest. THAT NEVER ENDS. *throws hands in the air*)

While I have your attention, I totally tossed my hat out on the love meme that's going around. I need it. Much like the 70% dark chocolate Russell Stover chocolates with shredded coconut. Dark chocolate + coconut = my salvation from crying over Big Bang madness.


I think I'm going to paint my nails tonight. For apparently that is a stress reliever? I don't know. Also, working out tonight. That will help relieve the...craziness.
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