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I made Sam a pie but I eated it

You know the weird/awesome thing about being born the same year as a fictional character is realizing that...no, there's no way I can finish that thought. I am actually thinking about a damn fictional character's birthday. (And I'm a couple of months older than Sam too! Heh.)

Whatevercakes, dudes. Last year I was celebrating that I sent off my Big Bang, a long gen story that no one read (I kid). This year, I cowrote with ignited (so expect a bit of MADNESS because we are putting it all out there) and our final word count came out to 34,076. Well the word count for our first draft. Considering we nearly always tack on an additional thousand words to a "short" 3K or 5K story when we begin the beta process, I am already opening weeping for what will happen when we crack down on editing. Um and I need to start editing tomorrow.

(Perhaps it is time to buy some Grief Vodka as not even the Lord can beer me strength.)

Around this time last year I finally REALLY got into Sam/Dean. Or erm, I learned to stop worrying and love writing it. Y'see this is around the time ignited finally joined fandom for realz and she emailed me some fic she'd been working on and one of them had a genderswap component and I fell in love with it and we met up and discussed it. And basically...we thought up a way to make it insanely complicated and difficult and I got a mite bit tipsy and acted out um, how Sam and Dean would interact if they were in an unseemly situation.

My Theory on Wincest, Let Me Show You It was born around the time of dear Sam Winchester's birthday.

Then I wrote my first Wincest scene ever and emailed it off to ignited and said "I am auditioning to write with you. Will you consider it?" Um. And then we wrote a bit and never finished it and the poor story was put on the backburner. Again, again, and again. Stef and I are easily distracted by shiny things.

And honestly I was a little terrified of the story because there's so much going on, these wild twists and turns and I was so freaked out that I wouldn't be able to deliver on my end. But! I think I got what was worrying me the most, Dean's character arc within the story so er, I'm sure I'll hate it during editing but at least I deluded myself for the time being.

So when spn_j2_bigbang happened again we kind of both said "hey don't we have an idea for a story that we MIGHT be able to push to 20K?"

Thirty-four thousand goddamn words.

Last year around this time I was writing knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again and bitching about how much I hate writing Sam POV. I was freaked out because it was the kinkiest thing I had ever written zomg and it was so scandalous! (Oh god. This is why having proof of your previous thoughts SUCKS sometimes as it's so easy to track how much of a spazzoid you always ARE even when you think you're being interesting.)

I also said this about Sam:

Oh Sam. You wonderfully ginormous prickly bitchy strapping emo-fest annoying-little-brother manly man.

Your life is doomed. But you are hot. Somehow it all works out in the end, no?

It holds true today. Only now he is INSANELY hot and a complete badass. Happy birthday, Sammy. Dean's probably dead since he did the whole "bringing you back to life" thing on your 24th birthday and there's no way to get out of his deal so um...

Hey how about you become evil and resurrect your (now evil) brother and y'all start wearing leather pants?

I for one would welcome our new Brotherly Evil Overloads.

Mmm. It's time to edit. Maybe I'll see if I can bang out some Sam het (because I am contrary! Always! Maybe I'll write an epic gen story about the Impala's journey through Hell to save Dean's soul!) as I've got an inkling for a story. Heh or just some dirty, dirty Wincest love. Whatever. I want to write. And that's always a relief: getting back in touch with my desire to create stupid sentences out of my clunky word choices.
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