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(and to my British brethren, I mean American-pants unless it's that mindblowing, heh)

spn_j2_bigbang has released the identities of the authors of the ten thousand stories that will be posted this year for Big Bang. Or 100+ stories. Math was never my thing. So many stories, you guys. Has everyone put in vacation requests? I mean, daaaaaamn, that's a lot of stories and there are so many freakin' talented artists who've joined up. I look forward to the stories and the art equally! I'm going to be spending my summer reading so much. It'll be awesome.

As ignited revealed (and really? is anyone shocked?), the following delightful tale shall be offered by us for your entertainment:

in disguises no one knows
Rating: NC-17 (ya rly? from ME? Total shocker)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: They are sisters, they have always been sisters. Only that was then and this is now. Sam and Dean Winchester wake up on an empty stretch of road, with their memories altered and a new problem: they're in male bodies.

As Sam struggles post-Mystery Spot with the terror of losing Dean and time winding down, they have to find out how to undo this mess and how to keep their splintering memories intact. Oh and Dean? Kind of loves having a cock. However poor Sam is a lesbian trapped in a man's body and seems to be having some strange urges for her transformed sister. Who seems to fully embrace being a man, possibly permanently.

To top it all off, they’re dealing with forces that a little holy water and a lot of rocksalt can’t get rid of, forces that could fuck with their heads as easily as their bodies.


The pretentious lowercase title song lyric quote (from Black Hole Sun) was such a giveaway as to who wrote the story. One day I'll learn to stop loving lowercasing my titles. (Never! More lowercased titles! More mangled song lyrics! My next story will be the ripped black blanket billowing beneath your eyes and it makes no sense but it's lowercase and I must use it.)

I will not use that title ever. One day I will figure out how to use If You're Into It as a title and look at that, I'll use proper capitalization and everything.

It was only after I saw the summary posted anonymously that I worried without mine or Stef's name attached to the summary that the translation of sarcasm was completely lost. Normally I don't have summary anxiety but we were really worried about giving too much away or making it seem like it's complete crack when it's weird serious crack (we must have been smoking crack at one point to decide on making a crackfic story serious business, heh). And then we finalized the summary and I giggled like an idiot when I reread Oh and Dean? Kind of loves having a cock. Oh. I'm so easy to please.

If I'm honest, the original title I suggested wasn't lowercased but it was kind of arrogant and again I don't think it would translate how very much I am kidding when I call a story The Greatest Genderfuck Story Ever Written. It's not the greatest and nor is it in a Stephen Colbert sense great...or greatest.

The origin of the story, over a year ago when ignited had finally succumbed to the fact that Supernatural is utterly fucking enjoyable and totally presses all the happy-making buttons, is all thanks to Stef's cracktastic brain. She sent me the makings of a story that set my brain aflame, we went out to celebrate with some RL/lj friends for another occasion, I got a wee bit drunk and um I learned how to make Wincest work for me.

So. The story that shall be released over the summer? Once had my very first Wincest scene in it. The rough of it has been completely altered as I'm a bit of a rewriting junkie. I can attest to the major alterations that happened when I finally posted witchy women of the west after holding out on that story for over a year. So it's a matter of some pride and major relief that finally Stef and I stopped putting aside this story idea and really finished it. It was updated from a S2 premise to a S3 premise, we actually figured out a plot that has stuff happening (and hopefully will be engaging to the reader and not just Sam's hilarious gay panic and Dean's fucked up gender identity issues), and UM. It's a story near and dear to our hearts. Or my heart.

I'm kind of weird.

Honestly I don't know if I'd be so fortunate to have an evil accomplice in SPN fandom if Stef had never come up with this awesome idea and emailed it to me to read for beta-work. My response to her story was to email her my first Wincest sex scene (good times!) and beg her to consider me as a potential cowriter.

And we've hated each other ever since.

So it's full steam ahead. A poor unfortunate soul--the lovely vorpal_pen--has selected to do our artwork and bless her for doing it.

*rubs hands together in an evil-manner*

I'm so planning on doing DVD-style extras with cut scenes, man. Because there is a potential het scene that will not be included in the story proper as I am a forgiving soul and Stef's a Sam/Dean true believer and I wanna write het that no one has to read but like it will be there for MY eyes at least. Also Stef wrote this great scene that I made her cut because I pick battles over the randomest of things (we had a 30 minute argument on the phone about hot water bottles, what). It's awesome and it'll be a great extra.

And now I must be off to write about depressed blankets or something. *doffs my hand to fandom*

Seriously guys. The Big Bang stories this year look SO FAB.
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