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Emergency Party Planning Meeting!

Guys! Less than 24 hours until Supernatural airs!

You know what we have to do. In case of an emergency, as per Hell Charter Law, the Committee to Plan Parties and the Party Planning Committee must join forces to welcome Dean Winchester to his new eternal damnation.

Who's taking care of the boiling blood punch? Who's doing doing the inflatable balloon pitchforks?

These are important questions. What should our theme be? Color coordination? (C'mon isn't black of eternal despair and red of eternal torment sooooo last season?) Who is in charge of the music?

This is serious business. Where the fuck are the party hats?

If someone doesn't rewrite me Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter to the theme of welcoming Dean to hell, there will be MOAR HELL to pay!

Or! Maybe I need to sleep. No. Sleep is for the weak. Let the party planning begin!

*mine is an evil laugh*
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