I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Eric Kripke makes me watch Johnny Mnemonic

Every time I delude myself into believing that I am totally fine, whatever Supernatural you can't ruin my day, the walls coming a-tumbling down in some fantastically embarrassing way.

As I had to run errands this morning, I belted out (Sam-style) to Wanted Dead or Alive in my car. Several times. Um, I may have had it on repeat. Fucking Bon Jovi.

*bangs head against wall*

Not even Keanu Reeves screaming "I WANT ROOM SERVICE!!!1111!!!" can brighten up my day.

And it's all because of THIS GUY*:

Your hiatus support group, ohnokripkedidnt!**

Why? Because even Stephen Colbert disapproves of MAKING REG SAD.

ARGH. *goes on rampage* I am so fucking pissed at myself for getting so fucking hung up over a goddamn tv show. AGAIN. Goddamn you, Supernatural.

If my summer is going to be filled with moaning and teeth gnashing, then at least some productivity must be attempted by writing happy-making fic to ignore the deep hurt deep in my pain-bone. What's that Office line that Michael says? Oh wait, I remember. It's like someone constantly punching you in the grief-bone. Yeah. That's what I got right now.

LOL macros at ohnokripkedidnt will make me feel better. (Note to self: make a post opening up said marco challenge, genius.) And fic. Porny happy fic that negates the TASTE OF SAD on my face.

Man, totally I gotta take my sister Johnny to see Prince Caspian. Perhaps that will distract me


* My and my sister have a "this guy, that guy joke" where we make stupid faces at the camera and we'll say, "Oh oh oh, this guy over here is being a total d-bag and that guy is gonna fuck you over." and a lot of GOB-style rambling as we take toolish pictures. "This guy" is a jerk. But! We only mock because we love.

** Kripke does not, as far as I know, eat babies. But he certainly DRINKS THE TEARS OF FANGIRLS.
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