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for those in need of love, we salute you

I now associate my Salma Hayek icon with love memes by the way. I think it's the whole thing where her boobs might have magical powers. (Might?)

Anyway because I am in need of happiness with a side order of puppies (to be served on a pillow of fluffy clouds and NOT to be consumed), I bring you:

The Supernatural All We Need Is Love Meme!|||my thread for Dean Winchester

It's a love meme for everything Supernatural if you're so inclined. And yeah, I am linking to the Dean thread but it's a love meme for everything and um, I would not be in this fandom if it weren't for my very positive reaction to Dean Winchester when I first watched Supernatural. (Um so maybe you want to blame him for making me constantly post and flail over SPN? *ducks* Sorry but that's how it started. My Sam-love took a little longer to happen. First we became friends. Then we made out. And now we are BFF. For reals.)

Go spread love! And post pics or write comment porn/love! C'mon. Give into peer pressure this one time.

Salma's boobs command you.
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