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Behind this cut is discussion of S4. Proceed at your own risk.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH DEAN'S BODY? Seriously? I cannot take this mindfuck anymore. Is Sam going to freeze him into a tasty Deansicle until he gets Dean out of hell? is Sam going to ZOMBYFY Dean's corpse? Is the creepy doctor going to play a part? ADGUJSJSGIJOGD I cannot take that.

*grabs Kripke's shirt*

Tell me the truth you evil man. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A CORPSE?

If the answer is "set Dean's body aflame" (woo that'll fuck Sam up FOREVER, awesome) how are we getting Dean back? SRSLY. I just. ASFSJDJFJIDGK.

Well. Dean's so becoming the thing he hates the most, isn't he? Demon!Dean vs. Sam, is this their new relationship? !!! I just. It's not even been a week and while I haz a thing for characters becoming the thing they hate the most (John Crichton "I Won't Kill Anyone Ever OMG" = Angsty Genocide King) I remain flipping the fuck out.

We at ohnokripkedidnt are going to have WORDS with you, sir.

*continues to panic*
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