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do I dazzle you?

First off, OMG the lovely lovely virtual lj gifts on my profile are making me all swoony. Thank you so much, thehighwaywoman for the lovely rose. <3

Apparently Jensen (Elizabeth) Ackles has gifted me with his precious tiara. BABY I never say you have a wonky eye. (I have Suspicions that someone is masquerading as Mssr. J.R.E. Ackles but I shall keep mum on who I think the culprit is.)

Tonight there might be fic. Of a RPS nature. WTF. I don't write RPS, okay? Stupid brain. In fact I think all my RPS can be blamed on me knowing that whore ignited.

Here's what happens:

Me: You know, Jensen is a Republican.
Me: *proceeds to write cracky shit*

Or I'm trying to get her to smile, hence the J2 ficlet I wrote for ohnokripkedidnt and um, that one RPS fic I posted to my lj. *sighs*

Hey I posted het on Friday and I'll continue to write noncracktistic stuff. But right now? I have some major cracky crack to complete. And I will put on SO MANY WARNINGS OMG as I don't want to offend anyone. :-(

Except for Stef.

*readjusts Jensen's tiara just so on my head*
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