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"Count Chocula cereal is an example of this."

Look before I run off to get my car serviced (oh the exciting life I lead), I just want to state once again, my lj is a place where it's all about avoid the dire crap that happens day-to-day um unless I'm ranting about my own day-to-day whatevercakes.

And flist? I love you so hard. Since it's ten thousand degrees outside, I say we should all have ice cream for breakfast. Or brenner (breakfast-for-dinner!) for my international friends. :-)

Now I read a lot when I was a kid and I'd read anything especially books most readily available, which meant I totally read every Babysitter's Club book that was out when I was younger and I read Sweet Valley as well. And this series called Girl Talk if anyone's heard about it. Which had my favorite description of a first kiss ever where the friend upon hearing of the girl's first kiss with this guy she was sure soooo hated her was like, "What? So he got so angry he kissed you?"

I'm not doing it justice. But it was fucking awesome.

Anyway I haven't read all of Sweet Valley but those I remember, DEAR GOD. Do you guys remember the epic AMAZINGNESS that happened?

Such as...

Jessica dates a vampire!

Dude. Twilight before it was even a DAZZLING sparkle in Stephenie Meyer's eye.

Yeah so 1bruce1 is pretty effing sweet. And really? The best recaps are the Evil Twin recaps. With Crazy Margo's CRAZY captured in such vivid glee. C'mon y'all known Crazy Margo if you've read Sweet Valley. Identical to the Wakefield twins (except she had BROWN hair, ugh brunettes are totes evil), CRAZY, and tries to Single White Female Elizabeth Wakefield. It was fucking nuts.

And...this is what you should expect from my lj. *hands out sparkles for everyone*
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