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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Chad is the way to my heart (but not my pants as I'm not into STDs)

*rises from the dead*

Today I woke up feeling awful which I at first attributed to going to bed too late last night and I thought I'd be okay until I was right at the train station and my body decided to really announce that nope, it was not cool with being okay, instead I felt like hell and omg the drive back home sucked so much.

Soon after I crawled back into bed and passed out and adsfkjfgjfg called my job an hour later than I wanted to. And apparently my voice sounded so off the receptionist didn't recognize me. I do need to smish the face of my supervisor who said all nicely if there was anything he can do. Gah, niceness! I don't know how to deal.

By the way, ignited has Chad-syphilis. It's treatable but there's not much I can do once it's infiltrated her brain. And that's why you always type with condoms on your fingers....you never know what you're going to catch on the internet.

Okay I'm still recovering and I might be kinda out of it.

I did try to heal myself with a nice infusion of pretty Jensen Ackles circa Dark Angel. Man, it is just not fair how fucking amazing he looks in Hello Goodbye. Max & Alec! Oh the potential would made me all SAD if I thought the show was any good instead of being "okay-ish except when Alec is onscreen being AWESOME."

When I am fully risen from the dead instead of this wonky state, I really really REALLY owe feedback because it's Groundhog's Day! spn_j2_bigbang time and already one fic has eaten my brain.

And apparently it would be really weird if I offered my feedback in the form of an interpretive dance but whatever. It would be the most coherent way to show my love at this point.

Blah, I'm going to watch Top Chef. Because that's the best think to watch when I feel like this. My SMRT-ness let me show you it.
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