I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

missed it by that much

I swear Sister K better respond to me about seeing Get Smart tonight. I really want to go. Not just because of Steve Carrell--I was a HUGE fan of the actual show.

Goddamn Nickelodeon is possibly the reason I get so invested in classic TV shows and probably why I love being in media fandom. I had a healthy love of I Love Lucy due to my summers spent on my grandparents' boat and since they didn't have cable just a regular TV with those lovely antennae, one of the few channels available constantly ran I Love Lucy during the lazier parts of the day when I wasn't going off to the pools or hanging around in the park. I have a real appreciation for 50's and 60's sitcoms even though it's been a while since I've watched a proper episode.

But Get Smart was ace and I'm totally willing to spend money to see a remake especially since Steve Carrell makes it all the sweeter--and this way I can ignore that Stephen Colbert has a bit part in the shitfest The Love Guru (which I am not seeing for a variety of reasons and one of them is my anti-Alba stance which I can only break when she is in the presence of someone who negates her evil such as that asshole from Texas, Jensen Ackles).

If I laugh once during Get Smart, I can totally forgive him for Evan Almighty and hell I was already about to forgive him for that disaster after seeing him on The Daily Show this week.

This weekend I am making it my mission to score Burn Notice on DVD, hopefully at Target, which sometimes has better prices than Best Buy. Yeah, I never watched it during its original run despite the fact that I watch Psych and it's on the same network. And Bruce Campbell was on it. I sort of fail at life sometimes.

Speaking of Psych:

raelala linked me to the vid on Facebook and I freaked out over this and then I proceeded to share the wealth, notably with my sister Johnny as we watch Psych together. She loved it so much even though she has no idea about the origins of the song. (We also watch Supernatural and Doctor Who together but Psych is my favorite show-watching experience with her because I'm never left dissatisfied with Psych--I enjoy all episodes and it's a great stress reliever to watch something FUN on Fridays.)

When I went looking for this promo on youtube, I kept typing "Ebony and Irony" which is REALLY special of me.

Hopefully I'll enjoy Burn Notice as I think I'll just devour it over the weekend. I get into that mood where I just need to see EVERYTHING of a show all at once. Hell that's why I started watching Supernatural.

I've been rewatching a lot of House lately and man, I forgot that I really liked S2 (I was like one of the 3 people who liked Stacy) and that S3 could have been really good but there were too many missteps although I really loved Foreman quitting but it just wasn't...as awesome as it could have been. And the S3 finale was poorly handled. And House and Cuddy should have HOOKED UP, dammit. (Since House/Wilson shall only be subtext.)

I can't rewatch S4 just yet as I'm still in MOURNING.

In conclusion apparently Bruce Campbell's character is a bit of manwhore on Burn Notice? I'm trying to behave myself and not get excited at the prospect as I have no idea if what the Wikipedia article tells me about the show could actually live up to what my brain is already imagining.
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