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I do not recommend this process

I have nearly 3K of a super secret story that will mean lots of research in the form of TV watching. I'm hopeful about writing it and ignited has threatened to kill me if I don't finish it.

She's great at support.

Meanwhile I have...not enough words of that Ruby story of mine that I really want to get DONE if only so I can completely dive into the super secret story (the premise is under wraps for now because it's kind of crazy and it's like a newborn baby, so I must cuddle it close).

Sam POV why must you HURT me each time?

At least I'm writing and the words are coming out without having to be forcibly extracted. That's always a pain in the ass. Some stories I swear, I barely remember getting to the end because it was such a misery getting past the middle. But I have a terrible memory when it comes to writing. Because I am a narcissistic bitch, I reread a couple of my Dean/OFC fics today for a bit of inspiration in the ease of writing dirty bad bad wrong porn and holy fucking hell. I have written some really dirty explicit stuff. Like, I should constantly be walking around with a Parental Advisory Warning on my chest, like a Scarlet letter or something.

My crappy memory FTW because I can be at times really uptight and if I wore a pearl necklace and was a caricature, I'd be clutching said necklace going, "OH GOODNESS. That simply should not be mentioned in polite circles!"

Blaaaargh I need to see if I can wake up early to make up time at my job as I left early on Monday for a dentist appointment. And somehow I need to force myself to push past my Sam writing block (I am not chucking Sam's POV voice like I did with the girl i mean is not refined) so that I can post a fic this week and concentrate on The Fic Of Which I Cannot Yet Describe.
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