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Twilight is a heartbreaking work of staggering bullshit (stalking is just a tasty bonus)

Yeah I'm using my only Buffy/Angel icon to post about my raging hatred of Twilight. With B/A, I loved the good AND the bad (and the maaaaaagical snow, ahahahahaha). And note, they don't end up together happily ever after OMGZ.

Now, regarding Twilight, I read maybe 6 chapters before I lost the will to live. Johnny, my youngest sister, LOVES those horrible books and gets mad at me when I make fun of them. She claims she doesn't like Bella but only likes Edward (which is worse because Edward OMG I want to stone him but he's already made of stone, DAMN YOU, Edward Cullen!).

I skipped to where I heard there were sparkling vampires and WHAT. Sparkling vampires. Stephenie Meyer has gone too far and that was only the beginning.

However, for those in the Twilight dark (d'ya see wot I did thar?) or who want to remember how BAD it all is, let me show you where I'm currently wasting my life:

shinga's parody summarization of Twilight.

She also did an awesome comic about Twilight.

Be proud that I didn't cover this post in SPARKLING TEXT. I didn't want to dazzle you guys.
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