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Ficcly things

The Farscape Fanfic Awards are almost at their deadline for voting in round one (it ends on January 30th).

I'm suddenly nervous. Several of my fics got nominated, one I'm insanely proud of and one that got a lot of good reception (Alligator Alley). I've never been good with fic awards: I'm always of the belief that I won't win.

When Betrayer tied for best AtS Drama for the Halo Awards, I was in damn shock. It happened just before I went off to my awesome vacation with nariya and gatorjen. I still remember sitting on a train with Jen and saying how I was just stunned.

I highly doubt I'm going to be included in the round two: my poor mending horizons is in one category and there's a lot of great fic in it. I'm not known at all in the FS world, mostly my own choice. Hell, I'm not known in the BtVS/AtS fic world.

I think it's this popularity freak-out thing. I almost feel like I should get a brown paper bag and start breathing into it. It's easier to be a nonentity than to be known, at least it is to me. I'm good hanging on the fringe.
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