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The lovely memphis86 posted her fic Ithaca last night and I finally had a chance to read it today and you guys it's sooooo good. Ugh. I am a huge mythology nerd--I pretty much spend my 7th grade in middle school devouring every book on mythology I could find--and this pinged my mythos geekery HARD.

So Memphis had the idea of working off of The Odyssey (and Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad, which I have yet to read) with Sam and Dean and it's such a delight. It has beautiful poetic touches and I love how it modernizes key moments in The Odyssey and Memphis is so fantastic at the supporting characters--Ruby is awesome here, as is Bobby and I could go on.

The summary for those interested:

Sam remains as loyal as the ocean runs deep.

It's Sam/Dean, set after the S3 finale.

ETA: and since Memphis always rocks it aquatic, I have to show my appreciation in LOLBOT narwhal!Sam form

Poor Emo Narwhal. Don't worry. You'll get your sparkly Dean and he'll love you FOREVER.
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