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Dean Winchester has a stupid face

I thought you all should know that Dean's stupid face remains stupid. Today over at spn_nostalgia, I've posted Picspam of Dean (Pilot through Skin), which would not exist without the help of the wiser, nicer, and far more talented ignited.

My lame commentary on the many stupid faces Dean makes is also included. I was thinking about posting it to my lj for further looky-looing at his smishy expressions but I've resisted that so y'all have to over to the comm to admire vintage (indeed classic) S1 Dean.

In one of the pictures, there is a bear. I dare you to find it.

There's such a huge turnaround from the place I was when I started watching Supernatural to where I am today. Y'know I honestly thought I'd never really find a character who could almost knock John Crichton off my Favorite Character Ever pedestal but Dean's come close a few times. John's barely holding on to his spot these days. (Total lie. John Crichton ILU!)
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