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Yay, Psych is back!

And the new credits remind me I need to get the S2 dvds like yesterday.

I'm already delighted that the dialogue is as crisp as ever. Especially between Shawn and Gus, man were they sparking off each other or what?

And Gus claims Shawn on his taxes! *hearts forever*

I loved Fearless Guster actually attempting to be fearless. Then being frozen to the spot in the spooooky house. N'awww. Gus-centric episodes are kind of my favorite in general (the Meat Is Murder... episode is a particular favorite) just due to the excitement of seeing him being competent and also flailing over things. I mean, he pulled Shawn out of his office while Shawn was playing "boneless" (OH GOD. love it.) and then arrives to see his boss looking ridiculous. And makes constant gaffes. Hee. I think we finally found something Gus thinks is really lame: carrier pigeons.

I'm sort of a bit wait-and-see with whatever this storyline they have going with Shawn's mother. I actually like what we've seen of her so far but if the implication is that she took off while Shawn was in high school and Shawn was still living with his dad, when exactly what the big parting of the ways between Shawn and his dad? From the Pilot episode, I thought that they hadn't seen each other in a while and when his parents broke up, he chose to stay with his mother.

I will be a little aggrieved if she shows up in town just to stop over Henry's heart. And WTF. When did I actively like-like Henry and want good things for him? Dammit.

For the record, Shawn's flashback hair was amazing.
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