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MTV readies itself to get bitchsmacked by me

Ugh, just looking at the title of this Variety article about the MTV Rocky Horror Picture Show remake makes me sick to my stomach.

Just the idea of CASTING it makes me annoyed. Any actor that accepts is going on my On Notice board and seriously, SO MUCH SADNESS if it's someone I like. UGH. This cannot end well.

You know what would make me feel better? A delicious sandwich. But since I can't have that, what I really want is y'all to do me a solid and head out over to ohnokripkedidnt. Because it's that time again, oh yes. It's Rex Manning Day.

The pie is worth it
at ohnokripkedidnt!!

Y'see I dunno if anyone has figured this out yet but I love it when those boys enjoy food. I love writing about it too.

And at that there ONKD challenge, you can post requests for any SPN-themed recipe.

Such as All Hell Breaks Loose: Colonel Sam's Resurrection Fried Chicken

Actually i don't have a fried chicken recipe so I'd love to get one. Really, what is the best fried chicken to have after you've unknowingly risen from the dead?

memphis86 also posted my FAVORITE drink recipe ever called Bobby's Hat. <3 So go, play! Let us ignore the horrors that await us when MTV ruins my beloved Rocky Horror.

If I can't have a sandwich, I can at least get an awesome recipe for one.
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