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Fic: Welcome Home Drabbles (Jared/Jensen, PG-13)

Drabbles written for wendy's schmoop comment porn meme. Combined word count: 670.

when the morning comes
Notes: for nomelon's prompt: Jared/Jensen: bedhead. Word count: 420


The night before they shoot the forth season, Jensen gets in late, which doesn't shock Jared as he welcomes Jensen in Jared's house, beer in hand. There's no need to catch up, the dinner Jared had cooked (steak and potatoes, nothing too out there) growing cold as Jensen settles in, finding the couch too soft.

Time moves slow and fuzzy and before Jensen knows it, he's piling into a huge soft bed, Jared making quick work of his boots. The kiss to the back of his neck is quick, careful. And then Jensen sleeps and dreams of nothing.

When the morning comes, too early and Jensen finds himself too aware, like he's already experienced the glory that is that first cup of coffee, he's face to face with Jared, his hair wild, a night of tossing and turning, which would explain why Jensen's splayed over him, arms stretched comforably across Jared's chest. Jared's got hair flattened to his forehead, curls hidden under the mess, stuck to the nape of his neck. He's so deceptively innocent in this moment that it startles Jensen, has him reaching out to touch Jared's face, make sure he's real.

The touch lingers, Jensen can't help brushing hair away, not letting himself smile when Jared slowly opens his eyes, breathes out deep and then he says, "Dude, your hair looks stupid in the morning."

Jensen reflexively touches his hair, which he's had to grow out a little, can't get away with a near-shaved skull, hair springy and still newly cut, a feeling he's always accustomed to freshly mowed grass. "Yeah? Well I think someone's got a date with scissors this morning."

"Mmm," Jared says thoughtfully, brush of his thumb over his bottom lip. "That's not the date I was looking forward to. But it's definitely an upgrade."

"An upgrade? Oh you bastard--" but Jensen doesn't get to finish that statement, Jared's hands tilting Jensen's face, the kiss better than it should be. Shouldn't leave Jensen stupid and half-hard already but it does and Jared, the bastard that he is, uses it to his advantage, bounding out of the bed.



"It's this thing. Where we go in the shower and have awesome sex. And you get to brush the knots out of my hair."

Jensen blinks slowly before the visual nearly unmakes him and he smiles then, first smile of the morning. "You're such a damn girl, Jay."

Jared just laughs, stripping naked and oh yes, Jensen is glad to be back in Vancouver.


always here
Notes: for lazy_daze's prompt: Jared/Jensen; welcoming at airport. Word count: 250


You are here

The sign's handwritten on a piece of white board, Jared standing in the airport waiting for Jensen, dressed in the wise incognito attire of an old baseball hat. He's got that goofy grin plastered on his face, the one that makes Jensen stupid inside and makes him want more than anything to do extremely naughty things to him, from head to toe, with a particular emphasis in the middle part of Jared, in every way imaginable.

They don't last long.

Jared's car isn't particularly comfortable but they're too hurried to wonder at what the next day will bring, what strange ache or bruise will blossom as they collide into each other, kiss greedily and full of noise and Jared pressing a damp kiss under Jensen's ear, promising all sorts of things that he's going to do to Jensen once they get somewhere more private.

And then Jensen tells him to fuck privacy and that Jared should fuck him right here. Actually Jensen has the perfect way to say it, grabbing the sign Jared left on the dashboard, holding it against his chest.

You are here.

Jared's unbuckling his jeans and Jensen pushes up against the back of the door, waiting for Jared to take notice, waiting for Jared to piece it together, how the here is right over Jensen's heart.

When Jared does, he doesn't say anything. Just carefully takes the sign off of Jensen and pointing to the other side, where he'd written You're always here.

Tags: fic, jared/jensen, rps fic
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