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I think I have a new facebook picture

*bounces in*

Hiiiii, flist.

So today is July 25th and I totally need to wish super double extra infinity happy birthdays to the smooshable jamesinboots and lovely deirdre_c. James, it's always SO lovely chatting with you and you're seriously such a kind and considerate person. I hope you had an AMAZING day.

Deirdre! It was an absolute smash getting to meet you in the non-internet world (possibly called "real life" I think). I adore YOU and your talent and your hilarious vids and just overall, there is so much love.

Today is also my dad's birthday and my family planned a last minute dinner (my dad works nights). I got out of work early (by working hella late last night) and managed to get home on time to not be incredibly late. We went to this Italian seafood place and it was SO AMAZING. They had softshell crab. OMG. Everyone should have softshell crab at least once in their life (so long as they're not allergic to it). I had the most AMAZING watermelon martini and capped off the evening with a cordial of frangelico.

And the waiters embarrassed my dad doing a happy birthday song. They actually gave my dad a jar of sauce (the restaurant brand, heh) with balloons tied to it and my sister K knocked the balloons off the jar (where they floated up to the very high ceiling, oops) when we tried to huddle in for a goofy picture. I managed to convince my dad to do this sort of spokesperson pose with the jar of sauce and OMG. It is the most fucking hilarious thing ever. I'm SO using it for my facebook picture. In the group picture we did, I was doing the spokesperson pose but my dad's is ten million times more hilarious. OMG. ILU, dad. Hee.

So! That was my evening. Now *makes hands* onto weekend shenanigans.
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