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post-weekend round up, sorta

I love how missing a day of internet = me going to skip 120. OH MY GOD. I am so far behind. My cable/internet was knocked out due to bad storms and um I totally passed out at like 8pm last night. (And might have napped an hour right before that.) Since I was out and about on Saturday doing Social Things which involved going to the Museum of Natural History and then heading out over to do Karaoke (waiting for a ghost train that never came so I got there extra late because I am seriously made of that much win).

Still! Being able to chat under a big blue whale with memphis86 and ignited is always a major bonus. We later met up with giventofly37 and her friend, had lunch in the museum (which I've actually never done before) and went to see the Imax show on Sea Monsters, which had a disappointing amount of sea monsters. There were like two sea monsters. SADFACE. What the film did have in abundance was unintentional slash-y thoughts when there was this father and his two strapping young sons getting out of their old fashioned car in western Kansas. OH HAI THAR Winchester-thoughts! I was SO SAD that no one was named John for extra LOL purposes.

Excitingly I MIGHT have ohnokripkedidnt's Rex Manning Day challenge already planned out. Considering usually we confirm what the hell we're doing ON Thursday, this is kind of amazing, not gonna lie. I have to hammer out details and then harass the other members of my unholy triumvirate. PS, if you have ohnokripkedidnt and like to cook, you totally need to play at the currently challenge we have up. I need more delicious SPN-themed recipes, people! Even fake ones will suffice but c'mon! Go play! I am crazypants enough to make like a recipe book out of these recipes if we get enough.

Yesterday, I managed to harass my parents into coming to see The Dark Knight with me and my sister Johnny. You guys, that movie is even better the SECOND time around. UUUUGH MOVIE WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME? I had attempted to see it on Friday with my mom but all the times were sold out (WTF) and we just managed to get into the first showing. The theater was PACKED. Yikes. After we were led out of the theater, there was a line curving around inside of people waiting to get into the next showing. Maaaaaaan. I just checked the box office results for the weekend and yep, that sounds about right. We all have Batman fever, don't we?

Look at how I don't mention anything about certain guys being at Comic Con. That's gonna be saved for another post. For now, i leave you with this: one day without the internet means I apparently hibernate, much like a bear. Good to know
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