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i like cookies

What are your favorite cookie recipes? I have a decent chocolate chip recipe (using semi-sweet Nestle chocolate chips) and a tasty lemon square recipe and I love my raspberry shortbread recipe but I lack recipes for other types of cookies. Depending if I have any out & about stuff to do on the weekend, I might attempt to bake.

The following pictures of my dog might be unsettling for those who are fond of chibi walrooses and wee polar bears.

If you like bears, you do realize they're godless killers, right? Stephen Colbert told me so.

Call him Beans.

Beans inspects the Chibi Walroose.

He finds the Walroose to be NOMLICIOUS.

After the poor Walroose lost his eyes (!!!) due to Beans' superior fighting, a new villain came in. Possibly related to a Snuggly Bear.

Okay maybe NOT a realtive to Snuggles. Maybe he was a stuffed animal I got at the Museum of Natural History because I BUY my dog's love with stuffed animals. Note: he STOLE the chibi walrus. And brought it to me when I came home one night last week. It was an AWESOME surprise.

"I can haz ur bear?"

"In ur dreems, u will dieeee."

I believe that is called PWNED.

Now tell me about your favorite cookies.
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