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chillax, or the art of failure when you're not supposed to be lurking

Okay I should be taking a lj-vacation but I'm not. Instead I'm ignoring that which makes me grouchy and focusing on the fact that after being a RIDICULOUS lightweight last night, I am almost in better spirits.

And just for a general Statement About Me when I am highly irritated by things, I can become incredibly bitchy. Then I feel insanely guilty about it. I am almost to that point. But for now, I'll concentrate on the good. Such as chillaxing, the art of being chill and relaxed. Chillax is a douchey enough word that Chad Michael Murray would totally use it, wouldn't he?

This is probably why in RL I am always drawn to the douchebags. Because I think like that sometimes. Huh. I guess it's good to be aware of that, at least.


I need to force myself to NOT buy the second season of Lois & Clark this weekend. I know I will regret it. I don't really want it that much. So why is the urge still so strong? Damn that cheesy, cheesy show. *shakes fist*


I have a feeling this season is going to suck.

Reg is going to show Suede a magic trick if he keeps talking about and TO himself in the third person.

Everyone seems to be made of failcakes in their own special ways. I had high hopes for Korto but the black jumpsuit was booooring. I should admit I have an extreme hatred of ruffles so I found Emily's AND Blayne's dresses to be grooooss. But Emily was worse because she was delusional enough to think that thing she put together was in any way acceptable and she did not Listen to Tim Gunn. JESUS, people. Who the fuck do you think you are? If he takes the time to state that something is a problem/he's worried, it's for a good reason.

I kind of get annoyed when people throw around the word "architectural" when they mean something more like "geometrical". That being said, I think the skirt made by Leanne was really stunning.

I despised the print that Kenley used. I think the top of that dress was disgusting and extremely dated.

The fact that everyone sews about as fast as though they've feeling the effects of elephant tranquilizers is...not inspiring.


I think I need to rewatch Burn Notice. I finally remembered to watch it on time (I never seem to remember it's on Thursdays) but I was a bit out of it so I barely remember the plot. Jesus. It is sad that two Mike's Hard Lemonades (the Pomegranate flavor) knocked me on my ass.


So next weekend I shall be in possession a jennem (sadly not all to myself, I do have to share her with other friends, *g*). We are definitely going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge one day but since we are both lamers, there shall be no visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island because we didn't buy tickets in time.

Which I don't mind, 'cause hey, I can always view the statue from afar. And it'll encourage Jenny to come back to NYC at least one more time so we can finally see the damn thing.

On that note, my fellow New Yorkers and tourist-y type people alike, what's one thing in NYC you'd love to do? A specific place you've always wanted to go to but never made the time to check out?


In conclusion, Jared and Jensen don't have nothing on my Ben Browder. As snagged from titti, Ben Browder kisses Michael Shanks.

No, I do not know the backstory or reason why Ben Browder is laying down some real manlove. I almost don't want to know. That image right there? Gets filed in my happy place.

Oh Ben Browder. YOU are my favorite. *draws hearts and sparkly stars all over your bunny suit*

I need to stop looking at that or I'm going to become incoherent.
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