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Fic: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Psych, Shawn/Gus, PG)

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Gus
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None for this part
Summary: So what's a little accidental kissing between two best friends? Shawn and Gus are thirteen and get trapped in closet.
Word Count: 1,064
Author’s Notes: First in a series That Time We Accidentally Made Out. Written for memphis86.


Shawn and Gus. Gus and Shawn. Turner and Hooch (Shawn being an excellent human version of Hooch). The Walrus and the Carpenter. Milli and Vanilli.

Best friends forever.

It's a bond that's sealed forever when they're six years old and Shawn gives Gus Chicken Pox.

When they’re ten, Shawn knows that they’re going to the best space cowboy ninjas who ever colonized Mars when they’re grown up.


So what's a little accidental kissing between two best friends?


When they're thirteen and cooties have been discovered to be a fake disease (this is almost as disheartening as the time Shawn found out that ChiPs wasn't real), they get invited to Sally Henderson's birthday party. They go because Sally has a built-in pool with a slide and you never say no to parties where they are pools with slides.

There’s also a rumor that Sally Henderson has a floating island big enough for ten. And that the slide curves and bends and that it’s really, really fast. Pool slide. Shawn almost skipped out of school early just to put his swim trunks on.

It's one of the few rules in life that Shawn actually believes in: when there’s the opportunity for free use of a pool with a slide, you do not say no.

Just like no one should ever say no to cake, but Shawn knows there are people who say no to dessert and he doesn't understand it. They don't have to count how many hats or towels or parakeets or pineapples are within his surroundings in order to earn the "right" to have dessert. And if he misses one or Dad feels like counting the pineapple that someone walked away with, then Shawn is denied his cake.

Shawn really loves him some cake. Especially ice cream cake with that crunchy layer of deliciousness that Shawn believes should be a separate food group on the food pyramid.

It is the cake that betrays him.

He should have noticed that evil look in Sally Henderson's eyes when the party got moved down to the basement as a freak rainstorm kicked up out of nowhere.

Without the cake, Shawn would've taken Gus with him so they could conduct experiments with the lightning that was suddenly crackling overhead, thunder loud enough that everyone stopped speaking the moment it struck. Finally Shawn could have a use for his tri-cornered hat.

But there is cake to distract and Shawn's on his second slice, which should have gone to Gus but Gus is not there. It's that thought, hey, where's Gus that leaves him vulnerable. Before he knows it, he's shoved into a dark, enclosed space. No way out, except for the door handle and someone’s holding it closed shut.

There's a dark shadow huddled at the bottom of the closet. Shawn closes his eyes and manages not to shriek because it's probably not a ghost. Because ghosts don’t hide in closets. So it’s not a ghost. Or a zombie. Oh. He really hopes it isn't a zombie.

The person stands up awkwardly and is about as tall as Shawn and is…not a girl.

It's kind of a mystery.

Fine, Shawn knows the moment his mysterious closet zombie stood up that it was Gus. The way he breathes is an obvious clue. That and the way Gus is pressed up against the other side of the closet like he thinks Shawn's a zombie. Which Shawn isn't but there's one way Shawn knows to get Gus screeching like a girl.

First part of Shawn’s awesome plan is that he doesn't say a word. Then he makes his move.

It's a good thing that Shawn convinced Gus to eat all the grape bubble tape to make his breath extra grapalicious for the party. Because it's not that weird when Shawn kisses him because Gus's mouth is soft (and here Shawn thought fear always made a person's mouth go dry) and it tastes really good, almost as good as cake. Gus tastes really good.

Gus gasps into Shawn's mouth, backing up a little more which shouldn't be possible but he manages, and Shawn makes a fatal mistake. He kisses a little deeper, darts his tongue out because he's pretty sure he tastes a little cake. Somehow there is a taste of ice cream and it doesn’t make sense. He knows he’s the one who stole Gus's slice of cake before Gus even got a chance to get to the delicious layer of crunchy heaven.

Shawn forgets the part of the plan where he’s supposed to stop.

Then the door opens, harsh light hitting them. Gus opens his eyes first because he pushes Shawn back and lets out the best scream ever.

It's really, really funny. Shawn barely even notices how he feels kind of dazzled. Must be the sugar rush, after all.

They don't say anything about in front of Sally or any of the girls who are giggling about someone "accidentally" pushing Shawn into the closet with Gus. And for the longest half hour in the world, when the thunderstorm stops as quickly as it started up, they dry off their soaked bikes, all promises of sliding down belly first into a crystal blue pool ruined.

Apparently Sally’s mother Mrs. Henderson thinks it’s too dangerous but isn’t that whole point of Slip-N-Slides?

She didn’t like Shawn’s argument.

The rain has ruined the bullet decal on Shawn’s bike. He’s peeling at the corner when Gus finally speaks to him.

"Why did you do that to me, Shawn?"

"You know I feel about anything grape-flavored!"

"But you kissed… I mean you, you thought you were kissing a girl, right?"

"Yeah," Shawn says, the smiling feeling weird on his face, almost like he doesn’t mean it. "Who else would I be trying to kiss? A zombie? Hey, Gus. You thought a zombie was trying to kiss you, didn't you?"

Gus laughs, nervous, dropping his head to concentrate on wiping off the banana seat of his bike (which Shawn is allowed to make fun of for eternity. "I thought a zombie was trying to French me."

The next day, Shawn decides to make it his mission to get Stacey Wilkes to agree to go out with Gus. She's the only girl in their class that actually thinks the planetarium is kind of cool.

The whole Seven Minutes in Heaven thing is pretty much forgotten.

Tags: fic, psych fic, shawn/gus
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