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see you on the flip side, homeskillet

Wooo I am totally, officially on vacation. To honor this awesome event, I get my very own jennem in the afternoon. Though I may have to share with others such as the lovely miss nariya, still it's always so awesome to get to see friends who live a billion miles away (approximate distance between NY and Texas if I'm looking at the map correctly, which I may not be :-P). So excited!

I also just watched last night's Psych episode and OH MY GOD. So good.

I will leave you with this line from the ep:

Shawn: Only if I get to be Dean and Gus gets to be Sammy.


Sure it's a Rat Pack reference but it's also fucking awesome. I really loved that episode. GUS LOST A SHOE. Then he LOST THE OTHER ONE.

Oh, show. Please be more awesome. P.S. you smell nice too

Don't anybody try to take over the internet while I'm away. See you on Tuesday. I can check my email while I'm away. <3

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