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a sleeveless white button-down shirt

I think I am so not down with this season of Project Runway, you guys.

Kenley is evil, isn't she? She also has a hard-on for gross prints and while I didn't love the winning dress done by Keith-and-Kenley, at least Keith stuck with his selected print. Still. That dress was kinda fug and while the sleeves changing from day-to-evening was interesting I...can't believe I'm going to say this...I liked Jerrell-and-Stella's dress a lot more.

Terri not putting up with Suede's drama was kind of awesome. Plus if you fuck up a shirt, you shouldn't be coddled. Honestly. It only looks like Terri and Jerrell can complete multiple pieces on time unlike more than half of this cast. I mean Daniel fucked up a freakin' pencil skirt. WTF. That's not a complicated design. While the cup dress was interesting even that had issues with the fit--which was acceptable as the dress was made of plastic cups, there's only so much give possible--but his construction is winding up super-questionable. Dude, I remember the sporting outfit you made from the Republic of Cocktailvia (a breakaway nation). Don't claim you have impeccable taste.

As for Kelli. *sigh* I'll always love what she did for the first challenge. Michael Kors was right about the slutty slutty slutty look of it. Waaaaay too much going on with the bodice-corset.

I think Korto may have very well killed the bus analogy so favored by reality show contestants.

Meh. I don't think I want to see three of these people show at Fashion Week. I think at most I'd want Terri and maybe Korto but i worry if she went off to do her own think that it would be...not so great. I have a lot more confidence in Terri doing well.

Can we just get some contestants from S4 back to show these slackers how it's done? Honestly right now I'm missing fucking Elisa. Yes, I'd rather the chick who spit-marked her clothes and liked sewing dresses on her own body and "imbued" fabric with natural essences than Blayne "licious" and Suede *finger guns* McThird-Person.

This season is making me long for Elisa.

Well done, show.
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