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Gary Oldman is so fucking cool.

Don't deny it. I have proof!

From an interview from Total Films magazine:

Many years ago, you said, "acting is all in the loins." Were you referring to charisma?
I meant being sexy. I watched Jonathan Pryce on stage playing Hamlet and... I'm straight y'know? But I wanted to fuck him! [Laughs] I was referring more to the stage. There's something about watching someone do so good... When you see them live, it's sexy. It's just... sexy.

When it comes to actors, blokes always say, "He's fucking cool". Is that just code for finding them sexy?
Yeah, it's code [Laughs].

Someone find me quotes of Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles talking about how cool Johnny Depp is...stat.


So it's all in his eye, his voice... and his loins?
Yeah, it's always about the cock!

Yes. Yes it is, Gary Oldman.

I admit it, I got this from ohnotheydidnt. No I am not ashamed. It's Gary Oldman.
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