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Project Runway: Good Queen Fun

Major confession: I love drag.

I will sit through the most horrific movies if they give me the mere promise of a drag queen. Yes I will. I am not ashamed. They are fabulous and over-the-top and I love it. Priscilla: Queen of the Desert is one of my favorite movies ever. Boys in drag = Reg DYING OF HAPPINESS

Ahahahaha I debated using my Frank-N-Furter, John Crichton, or Jensen Ackles (kimono!) icons before settling on Brad. Oh Brad. You've got some lovely stems there.

The latest episode of Project Runway was a total gift to me. Despite the fact that I did not watch it until last night (major self!fail.)

Goodbye Daniel! You once again completely failed to get that drag queen=over-the-top. Faaaaail. The color of that dress made me want to heave and way to make a drag queen look like a Random Guy in a Dress which is NOT what it's about.

I continue to hate Suede. While it's awful to lose a family member, he is 37 years old and according to his story of his dearly departed grandpa, he was in COLLEGE when he passed away. Awful yes, but the way Suede acts is just so affected and it annoys me. I really didn't care that much for his design and I got what the drag queen Hedda Lettuce was saying and OF COURSE she was saying it as bitchily as possible: she is a drag queen. It goes with the territory. If you suck up and praise her, she will do a complete 180. It was hysterical that a drag queen named Hedda Lettuce called off their tete-a-tete when Suede explained how he was really and truly hurt about Hedda insulting Suede's garment of dreams and wonders.

WHATEVER. Sometimes clients are raging bitches. Suck it up.

Also that's Hedda's drag persona, so fucking roll with it. You should have made something super dramatic and more in line with like something Joan Collins would wear on Dynasty only in green, you fucking black hole of suck.

In conclusion, the reason you got reamed on the sleeves was because they looked disgusting and pointed out how very male Hedda actually IS, dumbass. It's about hiding the obvious.

Okay, so I loved Varla and she fucking worked Joe's garment. While he did look kind of freaked out the entire time he did step up and LISTEN TO HIS CLIENT and made something that moved really well on the runway and seriously, Varla worked the fucking shit out of it. If anything had been amiss, something would have torn and it looked perfect. I loved Chris March (CHRIS! HI! I LOVE YOU AND SAYING "THANK YOU" when Heidi exclaimed she couldn't reach over to kiss you because your boobs got in the way) looking at Joe's design and knowing exactly who it was for.

Despite Tim's dubious thoughts on Terri's design (I totally read Tim's Take, you guys. I brave the horrors of Bravo's site for MOAR Tim Gunn), that was my FAVORITE DESIGN. I fucking love super extreme drag and that was AMAZING. I want to be a man just so I can put on that fabulous outfit and look AMAZING. OMG. It was the most fucking insanely beautiful impossible outfit ever. Total genderfuck awesomeness.

But Terri does not get any love from the judges. Man. I think she's my favorite. And I really hope I didn't jinx her by saying that.

It was like a fantastic anime creation came to life as a drag queen only MORE AMAZING.

Fine, I want to wear it NOW even though I'm a girl and my boobs would be exposed and I'd die if I tried walking in those boots.

Korto's treatment of the skirt was interesting but what made her design great was the fact that her client was so happy to wear it. Yay, Korto.

Jerrell not picking the craziest drag queen to design for made me sad. Jerrell! Crazy is your POV. Work it.

Keith's obsession with fabric swatches is stupid.

I thought Kenley's garment was actually really bad. The zipper in the bad looked kind of wrecked. I can't wait for Stella to be gone, I get it you're rock and roll and want things to look slick, HOWEVER you designed a dress that looks like my favorite purse (black & red plaid) ONLY it looks worse, more like a Hot Topic rip off.

Blayne not getting that "pink pterodactyl out of gay Jurassic Park" was an insult is fucking classic. I think he scrambled his brains with all the tanning. Thank god everyone around him is also tired of "licious".

Stop trying to make 'licious" happen, Blayne. It's never going to happen!/Mean Girls

Also, a free day of raiding Sephora to the drag queen that shut up Blayne talking about how a design looked by saying, "I wasn't talking to you, Other Designer."

I laughed at whoever said, "Call me!" to Tim Gunn. Heeeeee.

So yes. I wish Terri had won but I'm happy because Varla looked amazing and rocked what Joe made so very much.

I think I need to watch this again. Oh, drag queens. *_*
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