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now it's time for our wrap-up, let's give it everything you've got. ready? begin.

I owe comments to my rambly post about Project Runway. Whoops. Will deal with that post-lunch times.

On Saturday, I ran so many errands that I pretty much spend Sunday recovering. But I did catch up on all that sleep I wasn't having these past two weeks and man, I did not realize how very badly I needed it. Yes it's the lame things in life that serve me well.

Today I look ridiculously hot. It's kind of insufferable to be me right now. I'm wearing my favorite nail polish and because I woke up without feeling like a zombie (not only do you crave brains but all you want to do is sleep in FOREVER), my makeup is totally correct, son. I did not set my makeup gun to "whore" this morning. tiny \o/ of joy

In the middle of my errands extravaganza, I wound up getting new shirts from NY & Company and H&M, from NY, I got this really FAB sweater scoop neck that's really long on my torso and has this ridiculously sweet kimono-like sleeves (in volume) only they're half-size and go down to my elbows, no damned cap sleeves which are an abomination against God. Personally I prefer three-quarters sleeves as I look REALLY good in them and it's the most comfortable for me. At H&M, I got a v-neck long sleeved black shirt as Autumn's coming soon and I really need it and then a nice dark grey three-quarter sleeved shirt that has another low scoop in the front.

Today I am wearing the scoop neck sweater with the big sleeves because i am still craving Terri's outfit from Project Runway. So much gloriousness, so little time. (FYI I got it in black and a dark emerald green but I'm rocking the black today.)

Why yes I do dress to enhance my chest. May as well do it now while they still look decent. oh my favorite bra, FTW

(I may be a mite bit vain.)

And y'know I need to start planning what I need to think about bringing with me to winchestercon. Note to self: buy fishnets thigh-highs. You may think I'm kidding. I am so not. I mean, I OBVIOUSLY need fishnets for karaoke performances. Some people bring their singing abilities. I bring my fishnets.

singing = fishnets

And thus, I have explained the careers of many of the questionable female "singers" on Top 40.

Oh my god, you guys, I also totally bought the first book of The Southern Vampire Series, Dead Until Dark. I've been keeping this on the down low but I am really hoping that True Blood doesn't suck. I did download the original pilot with Brooke Kerr playing Tara (SO HAPPY she was recast she's so...not good at acting) and I have sort of an irrational love of Anna Paquin even though her attempt at a Southern accent is fake as hell. I'm hoping Alan Ball fixed up a lot of the weaker points in the original pilot (note: I still have not seen the new pilot as I am waiting for the premiere, airing September seventh).

The book was okay (a nice mindless read which I need sometimes) although I read up on what happened on later novels and yeeeeeah. Were-creatures and fairies showing up are bound to annoy me so I'll stop at book one. Oh vampires. You almost tricked me into reading Twilight for you.

I miss writing about vampires, okay? And if True Blood is decent-ish, I will be able to write about vampires. Possibly. It all depends on the show being decent. It may just be mindless entertainment. I do like the actor playing Bill Compton so far and knowing that Alexander Skarsgard is showing up in the series is very good news to me.

(FYI for those who have not yet known of the Skarsgard: he is very, very tall and a good actor. I like him so much better than his father, an actor who is my secret nemesis in that I curse the heavens any time Stellan Skarsgard graces the screen as his acting style just bugs the SHIT out of me.)

Alexander Skarsgard was also amazing in Generation Kill which I really, really wish could have been more than a miniseries.

There was so much more i wanted to know about these guys but I guess the story does pretty much end when the reporter leaves - no more story to tell. I will have to marathon the seven parts all over again. Man I was super-lucky to watch it for the first time with elrina753 as I felt a hell of a lot more knowledgeable after having Tarina explain to me about particular elements that weren't explained in the show proper.

Mmm I should probably do one of those "what I am watching" TV posts just so I can keep track myself. I tend to be very, um, forgetful. As evidenced by the fact that I NEVER remember when Burn Notice is on and I tend to watch it on the weekend. (*shakes fist at the US Open for denying me Burn Notice and Psych*)
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