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avert your eyes, talk of american media (with a dash of politics)!

I totally did not realize that The Daily Show wasn't going to be on last night. I am now breathing a sigh of relief that it will be on tonight. Oh TDS. Never leave me.

Yesterday for many, many hours, I watched the coverage of the Democratic National Convention. I am not going to state my politics one way or the other in this post. Instead I am going to say that anyone else who decides to watch this stuff, if you have cable. do not bother watching the CNN coverage. Dear GOD. CNN is so unwatchable. MSNBC is weirdly scrappy in their coverage ("oh hai, we're tryin' our best, guys!") and half of the pundits on the show are INSANE and last night Keith Olbermann told Joe Scarborough to "get the shovel out" when he was ranting about something (basically telling Joe he was full of bullshit) and Keith handled Chris Matthews' general crazy with befuddled amusement.

Then Rachel Maddow laid the subtle smackdown on Pat "What About Whitey's Burden?" Buchanan about the 1992 conventions and he TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT (that she was talking negatively about him) and it was AWESOME.

(For those who don't know, and um, I think y'all have better things to do with your life than yell at MSNBC in the afternoon after work, Pat Buchanan did this huge rant at the RNC in 1992 about the urgency of the ongoing culture war and specifically attacking the democrats for furthering homosexual rights. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian. She was talking about how it felt to listen to the Clintons speak in 1992 and how she felt like these were people who did not hate her and how strongly she felt that and hasn't felt that since last night's speeches.)

However for those who MIGHT want to watch the convention (Barack Obama's speech is Thursday at the close of the convention, tonight Hillary Clinton delivers a speech) let me tell you that CSPAN is the place to be. They covered all the speeches whereas the ever-faithful 24 hour news channels only covered parts of speeches and after the close of the convention, announced where you could find more information on the internet. So. During the boring parts in-between speeches, I totally switched over to MSNBC to get myself riled up. Then I'd watch the speeches because I'm a NERDY LOSERFACE.

Tonight, I got four bottles left of my MIke's Hard Pomegranate Lemonade and I plan on playing a drinking game.

Oooh and why am I watching speeches all this week? Well because my internet at home? Is totally FUBAR'd. I have no idea when it'll be resolved so for now, I must brace myself. I shall go watch very stupid pundits say very dumb things.

And now I cross my fingers for some fisticuffs or something to break out between the pundits tonight (but again, I am AVOIDING CNN. They suck. They suck so hard and they're so bad at it that they can't even get paid to suck people off.)
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